Red Dead Redemption Wins GOTY

The Game of the Year was just announced at this years Video Game Awards on Spike TV and Red Dead Redemption took away this years top prize! Redemption was able to beat out, Call of Duty: Black Ops, God of War III, Halo: Reach, and Mass Effect 2. Congratulations to Rockstar San Diego on an amazing game!

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Lifendz2921d ago

yet another gem by R* that makes me glad to be a gamer. The game was an absolute work of art from beginning to end. Can't wait to see what they do with the franchise next.

FACTUAL evidence2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

I'm not hating but really? The game is OK. Not GOTY ok. It seems anything done by R* will get GOTY. The game was decent like GTA4. ME2, or GOW3 should of had it.

Zachmo1822922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Awesome. They deserve it!

Also Rockstar is like the only ones that actually put out quality dlc like the red dead dlc and gta...You actually gets hours out of it...Not 30 mins and never return to it again.

Ahasverus2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Kudos Rockstar for not believing that ASSHOLE of Pachter and actually trying to do something different, thanks for giving us hours and hours of inmersive game world, thanks for the quality DLC actually worth the money, thanks for the compelling story and foir the ending that made us cry, and thank you, many thank you, for making gaming more than a child's play... a human play.

Thank you Rockstar!

Speed-Racer2922d ago

Damn good news. Very good game that deserved the title.

Dellis2922d ago

nah this isn't game of the year, this game is only good after mexico, before that and the end are horrible

writersblock2922d ago

I thought I was the only one who thought so

RedDead2922d ago

I agree, there's alot more people who didn't like that much than us aswell, in short, it's too reptitive.

go here listening to this guy while shooting these guys.
When you get there, shoot these guys.
Repeat the first step while going here.

That's the missions in a nutshell, the problem with it is riding a horse isn't fun after a while, driving a car in GTA is far better, avoiding traffic is more fun etc.

r1sh122922d ago

I sort of agree with you, it was sort of like the first assassins creed.
Where you literally do the same thing in a different location. But what assassins did next was improve on that.
Im sure rockstar will do the same, Rockstar are my favourite game dev, If you look at the majority of their games, they tend to have a high standard. I liked Red Dead, but I think they changed the RAGE (GTA engine) a bit too much, the ending was not made for a game, its more of a movie ending.

But all in all, its a good game, and I guess it deserved GOTY. It created its own genre and for that it should win

acky12922d ago

Yeh, horse riding got really repetitive and boring after a while. By the end I was so sick of it.

Great characters as to be expected with rockstar and I can see why it got GOTY but definitely not my personal game of the year.

Didn't enjoy the setting or the missions and won't go back to play it again...something that GOTY should want you to do.

AntoineDcoolette2922d ago

Yeah I pretty much fucking hated Mexico as well

fooltheman2922d ago

I have the repetive feelings with Gta IV
This was refreshing in its atmosphere and setting, so it didn't cause the repetitive feeling here...

(I didn't go with the hype either bought it way after release..)

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