Forza Motorsport 4 - VGA 10: Exclusive Debut Trailer

GT - "The Forza franchise takes another leap forward! See the debut trailer from the Spike Video Game Awards 2010!"

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DasBunker2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

kewl for racing fans.

EDIT: strong disagrees wtf... then it must suck for racing fans... amirite?

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i hate cgi....cgi doesnt give you any idea of how the actual games going to be..please ms give us PGR aswell

kancerkid2929d ago

Why are people saying MS is milking this franchise (2,3,4 all in 360's lifetime) yet all 3 Uncharted games are coming out for PS3?

Yea, shut your mouth. Why are people dissing on good games?

Death24942929d ago

" Dissing on good games"

Really!? How about when Turn10 was bashing the hell out of Gran Turismo? Why are they trying to put themselves in the same category as Gran turismo? Dissing good game, yeah don't make me laugh. Forza 3 was outsold by Gran Turismo 5 prologue even after they talked all that crap about how much better they were then them.

RBdrift2929d ago

Well lets see.....One of these developers is actually talented and actually improves massively upon each game released in which another developer only talks crap about developers and has nothing to show for it with each game release besides ripping off there loyal fanbase with overpriced dlc.
That's the difference since you asked.

kancerkid2929d ago

I didn't ask why developers are dissing other games. They all do that.

I am asking why all the milking the franchise crap directed at Forza while Uncharted has a similar release schedule.

arjman2929d ago

I don't think you can compare a racing game with an adventure game.
Uncharted 1,2 and 3 are releasing in the PS3's lifetime because people want to see what happens in the story not because their milking it.
Forza doesn't have a story so you can't really compare them.

badz1492929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

what happen to Forza 3 is the DEFINITIVE racer this gen?? now they announced another 1 a year later? not so definitive afterall ha? Turn10 eating their own words I see

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Immortal Kaim2929d ago

Ahh so many f*cking morons and trolls out today...

ScentlessApprentice72929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

I honestly don't mean to "troll" or anything, but what you see in the trailer is very likely not what you will get when you actually get your hands on the controller and play it.

It was more real-world footage than game footage anyway. You would have to be pretty damn desperate to claim Forza 4 over GT5 just from that little morsel.

DixieNormS2929d ago

No shit its CGI. But its a great franchise, why can't people be excited?

FordGTGuy2929d ago

Seeing as the scenes with the Ford GT have ailising(CGI does not.) I'm going to say its a mix of photomode in game models and live action footage.

Lord_Doggington2929d ago

ps3 fanboys on n4g know better than meta lol

disturbing_flame2929d ago

There are some features that look awesome. Definitely the game that all PS3 owners who love cars will want to play next year.

I say that because i have both PS3 & 360, and people who love games must play this one.
Great news

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fr0sty2929d ago

Oh? With sticker damage and paintable cars made up of less than half of the polygons found in the cars in GT5? And with fewer cars that are not as detailed, and tracks that are made intentionally wider than the real thing to make online races easier?

I bet it'll even be in 1080p and 720p at 60-120fps 3D! Oh wait, 360 isn't capable of either in a game as complex as forza or GT5.

ambientFLIER2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

If it's only sticker damage, then how do bumpers, wings, mirrors, and splitters fall off, and the hoods crumple?

fr0sty2928d ago

go back and watch a crash in slow motion. sure, an accessory or bumper might fall off, but the second you hit a car or wall your entire car instantly gets all scratched up (even areas that didn't even get hit). all they're doing is swapping out a texture of a scratched up car, which instantly appears the second you come into contact with another obstacle.

Just because a bumper or mirror falls of does not change the fact that all they are doing to the actual car is swapping out textures with "damaged" textures, i.e. sticker damage. It isn't actual damage simulation where the actual geometry of the car is altered and warped (GT5 uses tesselation warp the bodies of the cars when hit), they just paint on some damage and throw a couple breakable parts onto the car to make it look a little better.

ambientFLIER2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

You are correct that it's simply a texture swap for scratches...however, gt's tesselation isn't without its own faults, and sometimes makes the cars look like they melted.

fr0sty2928d ago

I totally agree there, especially on the standard cars. It isn't flawless, but I'd rather see an occasional glitch that looks a bit off than damage that doesn't even come from the area you were hit. Damage modeling in games has a little ways to go before it's perfected, but GT5 at least came out and really actually tried to model it, taking us a step closer to perfect damage.

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Ahasverus2929d ago

Looks really, REALLY good. Hope it's gameplay.

GamerSciz2929d ago

Actually that didn't even look like CGI except for the FordGT. Everything else looked like Liveaction honestly.


Depending on where in "gameplay"... Look at any Forza 3 car closely during a race (actual gameplay), in replay and in menu... 3 different models and that is easy to spot. So those graphics can be from the game, but not necessarily it will look like that in races...

deadie2929d ago

no - its not gameplay.

Ahasverus2929d ago

Thanks, glad to know ;)

8thnightvolley2929d ago

froza 4.. oh yeah.. disagree all u want sad fannies.. i am golden

Kon_Artist 2929d ago

Im glad to see that they can make nice cgi trailers. happy for turn 0

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