LIVE VGA Stream No Lag - Experience History in the Making

TQcast writes: The smoothest Video Right now! LIVE Spike VGA stream with no lag..

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Otheros002924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Mine s**ks as well. >:(

InfectedDK2924d ago

It's now offline!
I had perfect connection but not with other streams at all.

HolyOrangeCows2924d ago


The stream was shut down :(


I just finded it! No sound through... Quick before it get shut down too!

WhittO2924d ago

I hate Spike, staying up in the UK, feeling desperate watching a stream of someone recording it from their tv on what looks like a phone haha.

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WhittO2924d ago

Try this link, think its the same video though haha:

I had a great stream before but the channel got shut down :(

HolyOrangeCows2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

I'm not seeing the player. It brought me to the main page.

Edit: Ah, you're right. I already had it up on another page, temporarily muted, and I scrolled down, thinking that that area was just a banner loading.
Anyway, thanks.

Kurisu2924d ago

Just seen a glimpse of Prototype 2. I never played the first, any fans?

Thecraft19892924d ago

I thought it was terrible but sure threes fantasize if theirs second coming.

Kushan2924d ago

Big fan here. The first game was just a blast to play. Nothing deep and meaningful, if you want an RPG with a bit of depth, go play inFamous, but if you just want to much around a bit and have some quick simple fun, Prototype is fantastic.

STONEY42924d ago

I thought it was alright and had alot of fun but... Prototype 2 looks awful. It looks EXACTLY the same.

m232924d ago

Thanks a lot, the other stream stopped for some reason.

-Gespenst-2924d ago

Not buffering at all for me. Just skipping and jumping all over the place.

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The story is too old to be commented.