Black Ops: Xbox 360 vs PS3 vs PC (Video)

Popular Call of Duty youtube director "Wings of Redemption" discusses the difference between the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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sleepy32924d ago

Well said. But i must say this.

You camping bastard. The whole game in one spot hiding. And the other team sucks so much they won't just come round the back and take him out. Was he playing against special needs kids or something. I would have cooked a grenade up real nice for him.

Vesemir2923d ago

I think the guy in this video just likes to play FPS games.
Sucks to be him.

Pjuice2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

there is no way you could compete with a controller on a pc playing an fps its like bringing a knife to a gun fight the only thing you could do is camp and get kills when ppl run buy and that would only be in a big pub game, there's no chance of run and gunning on a guy with a mouse and keyboard. Now you can make the argument that just because you can aim better with a mouse doesn't make you a better player but it takes allot of skill to aim with one learn it and then tell me that, and even better learn it realize you can aim way better and have way more control then go back to a console and cry cause you can't aim for nothing with that thing, like fatal1y says "a console with a controller has no control. this guy only played battlefield series on pc for fps also that was just a fun fps no comp like counter strike the old cod's, americas army, the first ghost recon he prolly never even got good with a mouse which is prolly why he wants to play with lil kids when they get home from school on live. you used to be able to get in seriously good cod games on mirc and still to this day have not seen better cod games and players hopefully mirc still has those players and more. and also it couldn't be more fair with dedicated servers no one can host and get the

Areyoukidding2923d ago

OMG- After listening to 5 minutes of this garbage I lost some serious IQ points. Opinions are like *** holes everyone has them but this is a whole new level of ignorance. And all of this is coming from an IT professional that knows about hardware and graphics. I think I am going to throw up because this level of rationing and ignorance makes me feel bad for the human race. Stay in school kids!!! And keep abortion legal!

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