What Should Kratos Fatality Be In The New Mortal Kombat?

So the other day we found out officially, what had been rumored for months and that was that the fallen God Of War himself would make his debut in the upcoming reboot to one of the most critically acclaimed fighting franchises ever. So now we know that Kratos is in the game, that got us to thinking about the most important question of all, what would his fatality be of course?

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Dsnyder2805d ago

Chains to the torso from long range, pulled him in scorpion style and do a flip over him and slice him to little bits.

Non weapon would be the pic.

TheLastGuardian2805d ago

Whatever it is, I'm sure Kratos' fatality will be brutal and gory and awesome. I can't wait.

Bull5hifT2805d ago

He should verbally abuse his aponent with a Yo MoMMa' Joke then spit on him

scar202805d ago

@bullshift that would actually be better if he was fighting master chief xDDDD.

SMOK3xFFx2805d ago

Exactly what's in the picture.

Shani2805d ago

agree... picture says it all.

no_more_heroes2805d ago

just write all of the ones he has so far on a piece of paper and randomly pick one out of a hat raffle style. Any one would suffice.

LordStig2805d ago

stab them, then shove his fist in the open wound and pull their guts out.

2805d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.