Gears of War VGAs cancellation was Microsoft's decision

Cliff Bleszinski said on his Twitter account that the Gears of War VGAs announcement cancellation has nothing to do with Uncharted 3, and Rod Fergusson said that it was Microsoft's decision.

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NYC_Gamer2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

why did MS pull gears from the show?does uncharted 3 really put that much fear into them

Blacktric2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )


*laughs like Heavy from TF2*

Joking aside, I really don't know why they did it. And the decision being made by Microsoft and not Epic makes it more confusing. Shame, because I was really wondering what was it going to be. Anyway, hopefully they announce it soon.

sdtarm2925d ago

""Cliff Bleszinski said on his Twitter account that the Gears of War VGAs announcement cancellation has nothing to do with Uncharted 3-"


Right. "

Lol The Irony...

LORD-PHOENIX2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

who they think there fooling? u3 scared the beejesus out of microsoft

RESPECT to cliffy for admitting he also wants u3 when its released like the rest of us,you can tell his pissed in the lack of confidence from MICROSOFT in his product because of u3? by him saying its microsofts decision,meaning everything from epics side was a greenlight for gears to be shown

-MD-2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Tell me why they would postpone Gears of War because of Uncharted when Gears of War is more popular and sells more units?

Edit: Who cares how many awards it wins? I love Uncharted but if you put these 2 games up next to each other in a store Gears would still sell double or even triple the amount Uncharted would. Just go look at Gears 1/2 sales (5-6 million each) compared to Uncharted 1/2 (did they even break 3 million lifetime?)

I'm not playing sales here I'm just simply stating Gears of War is more popular and well known so it has absolutely no reason to be afraid of Uncharted. You guys are just trying really hard to spin this and it's failing hard.

morganfell2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Either Cliff is lying or it doesn't have anything to do with the VGAs but rather with the Sony announcement tomorrow. This event could be big enough that MS feels the need to hold Gears in reserve to try and counter it later. I actually think MS just uncovered what Sony is showing tomorrow and decided to regroup.

Do I think they are afraid of Uncharted 3 and Resistance 3? Absolutely. Otherwise why mention Uncharted 3 at all. The PS3 is the superior console and it's graphical prowess is unmatched by the 360. Gears used to be the graphics flagship. No longer. Of course some always associate sales with quality.

I think MS also realizes they need something to show next year since their core titles are few and far between while Sony has a cornucopia of games coming to the table. If MS pulls out Gears at every event it will begin to look like that is all they have.

LORD-PHOENIX2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

uncharted has sold over 8 million units, naughty dog are the best developers on the planet, gears3 will be great no doubt and is a first day purchase for me,but u3 is going to be a whole new level and without the 5 year old unreal 3 engine

u2 had every developer praising the game,ND are gods of development...pure and simple

but respect to cliffy i like him and thank him for showing me next gen in gears 1,my jaw was on the floor

EDIT @ MURDERDOLLS....your not playing sales? WTF read your comment again...if your going to troll do it with common SENSE or be quiet.

its like me saying 'murderdolls is a goblin living under a bridge'...bu bu but im not saying i dislike him or anything...?

awards mean quality sales do repeat that before going to not bagging on gears because im getting it but stupid comments like yours irk me.

Washington-Capitals2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

This is how it probably went.

Microsoft - "hi, we would like to show GeOW3 at the VGAs"
VGA - "yea sure, you will get 30 seconds and it will be after this uncharted 3 trailer"

*shows trailer to Microsoft rep*

Microsoft - "holy sh... um sorry we cant show Gears of War yet, its not done."

baodeus2925d ago

if you guys go by MS only care about money, why would UC3 scare them, it is not like it selling more than other MS top exclusives.

You guys are quite funny.

DERKADER2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

You know what the worse thing about the PS3 is?

Answer, its fans. Reading all of these comments almost makes me ashamed to have a PS3.

It's cool to support your console and your games, but having to spread a smear campaign against GeOW3 just to build the U3 hype train is sad.

shadow27972925d ago

Me thinks the lady doth protest too much...

Honestly though, we've already seen Gears 3 gameplay. Maybe one of Microsoft's games suddenly has something to show, so MS bumped Gears for something new. Like everyone has already said, Gears is going to sell no matter what. Maybe there's something that would be more effective to promote?

DigitalAnalog2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

"but having to spread a smear campaign against GeOW3 just to build the U3 hype train is sad."

You should see the smear campaign against GT5. It's plastered all over the wall. That didn't stop you from being ashamed of owning a 360 (if you do) or mingling with their fans.

-End of Line

Boody-Bandit2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

*reads DigitalAnalong's response to DERKADER*
*pulls out soap box, climbs aboard, APPLAUDS*

Seriously that is a good point.
I just sit back and roll my eyes when I see a post like Derkarders acting like one side is worse than the other. All fanboys suck equally.

They might as well call tonight's show VGA Awards, sponsored by Kinect, fueled by the PS3. I mean if they are pulling Gears 3 this right before the show then WTF are they going to premiere or showcase tonight?

Godmars2902925d ago

It may be about graphical improvements. Like when Gears 2 improvements were compared to UC2's. Showing off the next installments side by side would certainly draw attention, and MS just didn't want the heat.

Lightsaber2925d ago

Nyc_Gamer GoW3 doesnt need the extra hype unlike uncharted people have actually heard of gears before

baodeus2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Then explain why Cliff or MS would be scare of UC3?

1. Gears also got AAA rating, a few points below what UC2? Yeah, sure they really scare about 0.? something point below UC.
2. Afraid UC3 gonna out sell them?
3. Afraid UC3 gonna take all gears fan away?

So why would they be scared of UC3 and yeah, they would really gonna stop making Gears 3 now since a trailer of UC3 gonna come out. LOL. PS3 fanboy are just loosing touch w/ reality.


do you know what engine ND used for Unchart games? Go look it up, it start w/ letter H and see if that is a proprietary engine or not. Also there are games on X360 that used that same engine before. U guys make it sounds like Sony comming out with new proprietary engine every freakin years or something. Do some research before BS please. I actually do agree with some people here about feeling ashame of owning a PS3 because of these idiots fanboy.

If all MS care about is MONEY and not QUALITY (clearly Gears also has quality), which you guys repeat over and over on N4G, then now saying that MS actually care about having less quality games by not showing it at VGA? You guys don't really think before you talk do ya. Or maybe this is a chance to slash back for GT5 commotion?

XabiTheHumble2925d ago

lol @ muderdolls, crying at its finest!

Godmars2902925d ago

UC3 is in the industry spotlight right now. There's little that MS can do to counter it and they don't want to add to, look weak, by bringing out one of their lead titles right besides it.

They're thinned skinned like that?

Trebius2925d ago

If I were MS I wouldnt want to air my trailer anywhere NEAR UC3.

It's just going to blow it out of the water.

Hahahah. Enjoy playing Gears 3 and its horrible voice acting/graphics/storyline.

The only cool thing about gears is the chainsaw, other than that it feels like youre controlling a Tank, so slow and bulky.

kopicha2925d ago


you dont know what you talking. Havoc is just a physic engine not the game engine. Just like PhysX is another physic engine neither is a game engine. Its just something running on top of existing game engine. If you dont know what you are talking then just get done with and go to bed rather than making assumptions.

InTheKnow2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

The only showing M$ had was Forza 4...where are all the Kinect ads and games that are coming out in 2011.

M$ was obviously holding back MONEY from Spike TV. Maybe they were upset with the nominations. Did Halo Reach win anything??? Was Alan wake nominated for anything??? Splinter Cell conviction???Fable 3 get mentioned for anything???

I like what M$ is doing...if your going to ignore the system, then you shouldn't expect any advertising dollars from M$. I hope M$ starts cracking down on web sites, like Euro-crap-gamer who go out of there way to cut down M$ games while trying to act impartial.

Over all the show was a bust...Crysis...Rage...Bodycou nt...Brink...Gears...Bioshock Infinite...Windows 7 games...Ghost Recon...many Kinect exclusives...Bulletstorm...CoD 2011...I mean there is a ton of games coming out that were no shows.

BTW...where was Nintendo??? mention on 2011 at all for these guys was a silent protest.

gaffyh2924d ago

Personally, I think it just because MS want to show Gears of War 3 at their E3 show for the third year running. The Xbox 360 2011 exclusive lineup is extremely weak, and I honestly can't name one other game I would want to get other than GeOW3 (exclusives only of course, there are a few multiplats).

I don't think they were scared or anything really. Also @murderdolls, most gamers should care if games win awards because it shows that they actually are good games and are being recognized for it. Sales only matter up to a point, as long as game covers it's costs and makes enough money to justify a sequel, then I don't give a sh*t if it sells 1 million or 15 million.

inFAMOUS didn't sell that much, I think almost 2 million, still one of the best gaming experiences I've had this generation, and definitely better than all the CODs combined.

pixelsword2924d ago

@ Murderdolls

You can't compare sales because if one system has fewer blockbuster titles than the other one then the one with fewer blockbuster titles will have more sales on it's titles whereas if there's more to buy then it's going to be less because all of the titles aren't going to be bought at once, even if people want them. I want Infamous, the new R&C, Motorstorm: PR, perhaps GT5 in time, and I just bought Uncharted 2 just two weeks ago myself; I've been Playing MAG, Killzone 2, Warhawk, MGS4, and Resistance 2 online full time (and Motorstorm sometimes) and so I didn't feel the need to get CoD4 or UC2 because of the online.

I'm full of great gameplay and I'm sure a lot of people can say the same thing.

Sheikh Yerbouti2924d ago

Morganfell is right and so is Murderdolls.

Had nothing to do with Uncharted. If it did, they would have aired it. It is probably to counter another game.

Gears is not only awesome, it is the last real, unadulterated AAA exclusive the 360 has at the moment - it has the same geniuses who created franchise and it isn't on the PS3. It is their trump card for 2011, while Sony has higher ranking cards than Uncharted 3...?

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chidori6662925d ago ShowReplies(2)
units2925d ago

you do know gears is bigger franchise

jonboi242925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Maybe bigger but better? I'll let ya'll argue about that one.

Side note: Uncharted 2 crushed everything that was Gears 2 well except for in sales.

Greek God2925d ago

but only sales nothing more lol

jwk942925d ago

Why are people disagreeing with him? Gears is the BIGGER franchise, it's sold more than Uncharted, but ultimately UNcharted can be considered to be better than Gears, hell gears was my number one game of all time, it introduced me to online multiplayer on consoles, i love it, and then i got uncharted 2 and was taken aback, now uncharted 2 stands at the top for me.

BubloZX2925d ago

Wrong they're install base is about the same. Gears series has about 7 million sold to date and uncharted has about 8 million.

FOXDIE2924d ago

it was bigger, after Uncharted 2 everything changed!

xAlmostPro2924d ago

sating ps3 gamesdont sell well these days is just silly.. since they got on par with the 360 worldwide sales(well they might still be just inder) look how crazy ps3 exclusives have started selling.. uncharted 3 will do incredibly well..

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MAJ0R2925d ago

Microsoft's decision influenced by Uncharted 3

JeffGUNZ2925d ago

It has nothing to do with it. They are console exclusives. It's not like one is competing with another on the same system. People who only own a 360 will buy Gears and people with only PS3's will purchase Uncharted. Uncharted 3 does not scare microsoft. IT makes more sense when a game like black ops pushed other games back, since it's multi plat and will affect everyone platforms sales.

MAJ0R2925d ago

no, GeOW3 is trying to compete with U3

CliffyB said it himself in a twitter response that the competition is on. it's quite obvious that they postponed the gears 3 trailer because it would get a direct comparison to U3 in which it would probably get smashed cuz of it's inferior graphics

JeffGUNZ2924d ago

Yeah, but it was Microsofts decision to postpone, not EPIC. Sure, they would love the spotlight, but I find it hard to believe especially when each game is a console exclusive, so they are not competing for each platform.

Maximus Corruptor2925d ago

Why would Uncharted 3 be the reasoning behind the pulling of the Gears Reveal? Uncharted is a good franchise but I highly doubt that was why! Remember the newest Gears was supposed to showcase Kinect and it probably was not up to par or simply MS wants another venue to show us Marcus's latest romp.

jonboi242925d ago

Maybe they realized :
Gears + Kinnect + public showing to the world = bad idea

LORD-PHOENIX2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

from ign to smaller sites

can you imagine whats going to happen today when GAMEPLAY is shown?

listen none of us are stupid (i hope), by cliffy saying it was microsofts decision at the last minute means everything was ready from epics stance. uncharted series and ND cannot be beat in terms of quality and graphical prowess and ms know this there not stupid..

this is in no way cliffys fault,its just ms scared of losing face again,they lost e3,gdc,tgs and certainly with u3 being announced would lose vga.

i really need a gears fix,my 360 needs a gears fix ,my 360 needs some exclusives for 2011 in all honesty last game i bought was alan wake.

cyguration2925d ago

Wow, the fanboy is strong in this news post. It probably has something to do with something else.

MS couldn't give a rats behind about quality, as everyone knows they're about sales and Kinect sells, Xbox 360 sells, Halo sells and Gears sells. Even if the game gets squashed next to Uncharted they would show it anyway so they could start marketing it on soda cans and toothpaste.

thesummerofgeorge2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

People keep saying "Why would MS care? Gears has sold more than Uncharted..." Well things have also changed since then, the landscape is different. MS isn't sitting as pretty as they once were, and other than Kinect, they've got very little to show in comparison to Sony and their onslaught of exclusives. Just because Gears has sold well in the past, and will likely continue to in the future, doesn't mean MS doesn't have fierce competition to worry about, and doesn't mean they don't have to worry about U3 (among other games) making Gears look inferior. They can still do damage to the Gears franchise, it's not as if past sales mean that no matter what, Gears will always sell that well. MS is not impervious to a sales dip, they still have to put up a fight to stay in it.

MS has very little to show anymore, more and more people are buying PS3s because of this, if they put one of their biggest and only exclusives head to head against the monster that is U3, it's not inconceivable to think it could make them look bad and affect sales. It's pretty obvious Uncharted is exploding, and it's even more obvious that the last thing ms would want to do is put Gears head to head with the biggest competition they have: U3. Also they're gonna need to keep SOMETHING in their back pocket, otherwise MS will have nothing big left to show next year.

WetN00dle692924d ago

They need a better Engine than UE3. I mean GEARS 3 looks great and all BUT better than Uncharted 3 FCK NO! Naughty Dog is constantly upgrading their engine so why cant Epic games? I MEAN come on just take a look at how freaking amazing UC3 looks!

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Immortal Kaim2925d ago

If you guys actually think Gears announcement was delayed because of Uncharted 3, then I don't know what to say to you. The companies that you blindly follow don't have your fanboy mindset.

oldjadedgamer2925d ago

The thing is that to the public, as in all of us nerds, the only thing that has changed from GeoW3 being at the VGAs to not being there is the UC3 trailer.

We can't see the behind the seen stuff, so this (UC3 being announced = GeOW3 not showing) is one of the few conclusions we can make. Whether it's right or wrong, none of us will ever know.

SuperM2925d ago

actually its not as unlikely as you might think. If they are showing gears 3 at the VGA then more people will likely see the show which will in turn give more advertisement to Uncharted 3. If Uncharted 3 steals the show with a great trailer that might have a negative effect on gears 3 and naturally a very positive one for Uncharted 3. Makes perfect sense in my mind.

deadreckoning6662925d ago

"Cliff Bleszinski said on his Twitter account that the Gears of War VGAs announcement cancellation has nothing to do with Uncharted 3"

The fact that he felt the need to say that says ALOT.

VictoriousB132925d ago

He only said that because someone on his twitter account asked him you idiot.

cemelc2925d ago

Yeah but the fact he answer to that says a lot dude, Cliffy probably gets 1000000000 tweet a day, why answer that one?.

Aloren2925d ago

Judging from the comments on this news, I would say he answered this one because he probably had an army of uncharted fanboys who harassed him about it.

jwatt2925d ago

Because Uncharted 3 and gears 3 seam to be going head on this time around. I a big fan of gears I had lots of fun playing the game while playing the song mad world but I'm more excited for Uncharted this time around. I think it's really arguable but Uncharted could go toe to toe with Gears.

hennessey862925d ago

for the fact that like me your going to play both and not waste your time arguing which is better like an 8 year old child.

cyguration2925d ago

Well, the same was said of Resistance 2 and Gears 2 and we all seen how that turned out.

Uncharted 3 will probably walk away with more awards, acclaim and better review scores but MS pwns at marketing (i.e., see Kinect) and they'll just walk away with double (or triple) the sales of U3 and a game that requires three or four patches just to play the multiplayer correctly post-release.

Christopher2925d ago

Might do with Microsoft having another title they want to market and don't want Gears of War to steal any thunder from this news.

niceguyWii32925d ago

skittles halo would sell..

Christopher2925d ago

Eh, I was thinking something completely new. Perhaps even the first gameplay video of the Crytek team's game or a completely new IP.

norman292925d ago

Why would he even mention Uncharted 3 if it has nothing todo with it?

guigsy2925d ago

Because he was asked.

Theoneneo812925d ago

maybe it's gone PS3 to and MS doesnt want sony stealing the show again this year.

beavis4play2925d ago

Godmars290 - i was thinking of when kojima first showed MGS4 trailer to the world..........within a week, splinter cell: conviction for 360 was delayed indefinitely with all the work ( on that game) up to that point being scrapped and they started over from scratch.

funny how ps3 exclusives have that effect on other games.

FinalSpartan2925d ago

@Murder Dolls

well said.

BOTH games this fall will be amazing. Going to play both.

Uncharted 3 is going to be amazing. But if PS3 trolls are insisting they are scared..well we will see who sells millions when they both come out lol

PS3 GAMERS BUY UNCHARTED 3. Stop talking about it and buy the games actually. Stop buying Call Of Duty and for once buy your exclusives.

Recently played Killzone 2 & Uncharted 2 online. Still people playing but probably in the 1000s. or even less. Go to killzone 2 and search worldwide..only probably 40 lobbies in the world.

After completing Uncharted 2 100% Platnuim same for Killzone 2. I never played again, so high hopes the multiplayer is amazing :D

Uncharted 2 - Spectacular Memorable Cinematic experience.

replay value? Nah...

beavis4play2925d ago

so, you're saying it's impossible to continue to replay single player portion of games? i STILL play MGS4, ratchet games (ps3 AND ps2) hotshots golf fore on ps2; resident evil 2 and 4; KZ2; UC1/2; all of the ps2 jak and daxter games; twisted metal black; batman:AA; resistance1 (not resistance2 - it wasn't as good) RDR. i also LOVE to play psn games like super stardust and dead nation as well as alchemy on PC - i could go on, but i hope you get the only MP addiction is zombie mode on world at war - but i also play that in SP a lot.

i think you're view of being a gamer is VERY short-sighted. with my career and girlfriend, my time to game is much shorter now, but i still love it - and i do NOT believe replay value is defined by MP alone. if a game is good - it's worth playing many times.

baodeus2925d ago

actually it does get old if nothing changes. Not like they gonna have different endings, choices or something like that for the game. U gotta have multiplayer portion to keep it going.

beavis4play2925d ago

baodeus - like anything changes in MP? you'e going to meet a bunch immature people, not to mention people who use glitches to cheat.
and at it's heart - MP is just you and bunch of people running around shooting each other..........and i think THAT gets old fast as well.

there are MP games like zombie mode and horde mode on gears that are great fun - but it's hard to find a good team that wants to work together.

downwardspiral2925d ago

microsoft are probably pulling out because they need to save something for e3 since they barely got games coming out next year lol

Mizz_mai2925d ago

urrrrr so many 360 fanboys doing damage control here lives numbers mustve dropped by halfl

OGharryjoysticks2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

"why did MS pull gears from the show?"

MS pulled it because they wanted the final spot like they got with Reach. The final reveal spot is like the headliner of the show. Uncharted 2 is the defending champ of the show and rightly so Spike gave it its props and the final spot. MS then played cry baby and took their ball home.

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rrw2925d ago Show
VenomProject2925d ago

"Cliff Bleszinski said on his Twitter account that the Gears of War VGAs announcement cancellation has nothing to do with Uncharted 3-"



visualb2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

why would he have to say that? i mean, unless he feels he needs to make it clear it wasn't because of it...=O

edit* duh...because someone asked it xD mis read =)

mrv3212925d ago

Just coincidence that this happens only days after the Uncharted 2 announcement... and despite hours upon hours of planning and money they decide to cancel it... hmm... yeah.

StanSmith2925d ago

Days after the announcement? Its was announced well over a year ago! Why would microsoft care about it now?

*sniggers in corner of room*