"Big Surprises" At VGAs, "Top-Secret Game Industry Guest" Appearing

This year's Spike TV Video Game Awards will undoubtedly be the best yet, with 13 world premiers, including Uncharted 3, the first gameplay of Resistance 3 and BioWare's next title - heavily rumored to be Mass Effect 3. While the actual awards are the focus of the show, the surprises and reveals will be the highlight. Producer Geoff Keighley has tweeted just how large these surprises are, and what they might entail.

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DoomeDx2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Stuart Black is coming to complain about Killzone 3 being shit?

Before you disagree: He really sayed that once about killzone 2.

doctorstrange2779d ago

That would be brilliant. Then follow that with a KZ3 trailer, while zoomed in on his face.

NecrumSlavery2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

lol...Then guys in Helghast battle armor come out and perform some of them Brutal Melees on him.

NOTICE: Here's the N4G article in which Mr. Black opens his trap:
Also Bodycount will probably be the worst shooter of 2011. It's the biggest pile of boring crap that I have ever seen. You want some arcade-style point scoring mayhem that actually is going to rock? Go with Bulletstorm and BRINK.

Washington-Capitals2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Funny sony will steal the show like they do for every major event. What if bungie announces a new game exclusive for ps3 o_O

Cartesian3D2779d ago

anyone remember last year... I think they are overhyping their show too much... last year was a total disaster(imo) .

anyway cant wait for U3 trailer... and to Keighley just STFU .. and get back to work..

theusedfake2779d ago

yeah, the only good thing was the Batman:AC reveal

let's just hope those jersey shore kids aren't there this year *crosses fingers*

bobbyluv2779d ago


DoomeDx2779d ago

"Top secret guest in the game industry".

This could indeed be kevin butler!
He was at E3, so who knows

DoomeDx2779d ago


now i have 2 reasons to watch it!

1. Kevin Butler
2. Uncharted
3. Killzone 3? (KZ3 coming too?)

PS360PCROCKS2779d ago

ya I read his comment just now and he was referring to the analog stick being too loose...not KZ2...

"And particularly on the PS3, where that right stick is very loose, you have to work really hard to [get] a good feel on that. You don't want to have to spend a lot of time looking around, and they didn't do a good job with that right stick in Killzone 2. That's one where I'll say, 'That was a bit poo, really.'"

people take everything out of context I swear. Destructoid blows.

Stefie232779d ago

@ Wesley-dw

haha, have a funny bubble

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Iamback2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

I am calling it now. KOJIMA! Who ever it is, it seems he is later going to Playstation party

RedDead2779d ago

Was gonna say that too

Blacktric2779d ago

He comes to the stage and announces Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker PS3 port, made with updated MGS 4 engine, with his awesome accent! It'd be like a dream coming true.

Sev2779d ago

That's exactly what I am expect. :)

BigWoopMagazine2779d ago

I'll keep my fingers crossed for that one. It certainly would be surprising!

Kamikaze1352779d ago

Peace Walker is the best game in the MGS franchise to me. If that announcement happens....I'd be blown away lol. If the cut-scenes are actual cut-scenes and not comic book strips, I'd be even happier.

He might as well include MGO with all expansions running on PSN and not Konami's servers. Or even go as far as adding new scenarios ^_^

Yeah, I'll shut up and just wait till tonight.

Triella2779d ago

If it's Kojima he might as well announce a new Zone of the Enders.

ISKREEM2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Hideo Kojima presenting Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for PS3 & 360, in its full glory. A man can dream, can't he?

velocitygamer2779d ago


Hideo Kojima presenting Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for PS3, in its full glory. A man can dream, can't he?

Why? I don't want a limited MGS because of the 360.

jdktech20102779d ago

Nice to know your the only person on this world that matters....why haven't we asked you sooner?

The arrogance is amazing

The real killer2779d ago

I'm not surpise with a multiplatform title.

TroyAndAbed2779d ago

Disagreed on accident. Meant to agree. Lol. Bubbles, mate.

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