Bonus Round 412 Part 4: VGA Game of the Year?

GameTrailers: As the end of 2010 approaches and the Spike VGAs quickly come into view, we’re closing this season of the Bonus Round with a bang! In this new episode, we sit down with some of the industry’s brightest to bring 2010 to a proper end. GameTrailers’ Shane Satterfield, Hit Detection’s N’Gai Croal, and industry veteran Tom Russo discuss the year’s finest game studios, hottest publishers and reveals our panel’s picks for VGA Game of the Year! What were some the standout game studios of 2010 and who deserves top honors?

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brew2896d ago

LMAO. Pop came out of my nose when Geoff Keighly said Super Mario Galaxy 2 was a solid reviewed game and sold relatively well ...

Funny stuff.