No Final Fantasy Versus XIII at Jump

Andriasang: There won't be an exhibit related to Fabula Nova Crystallis at the event, Nomura wrote.... If you take Nomura's comments at face value, it looks like Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII are out for Jump.

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RedDead2927d ago

Expected, since there's a conferance dedicated to it in a month.

Mystogan2927d ago

I hope they announce the 360 version soon.

Mystogan2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

I should not have said that.


I will wait until im sure that there will not be a 360 version.

RedDead2927d ago

I can see why, Versus convinced me to get the PS3, I saw everything else as just one big bonus, but Versus was the deciding factor. God how annoyed would I be if it failed haha

theonlylolking2926d ago

That better not be the multiplatform title that will be announced at the VGA's.

Cratos87802926d ago

"I hope they announce the 360 version soon."


zeddy2926d ago

a 360 version will only ruin the game.

ExplosionSauce2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

All I know is that Nomura and his team are developing Versus XIII exclusively for the PS3.
But whether SquareEnix decides to make it multiplatform later causing it to be delayed for a simultaneous release, is another story.

SquareEnix is pissing me off. They haven't shown shite about this game since the first trailer. Then there was one 20sec short trailer we've seen before as images in a magazine.

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stonecold32926d ago

ffvs 13 is a ps3 exclusive only

Kurisu2926d ago

It was when it was announced just over 4 years...

...I HOPE that it stays exclusive to PS3, but we haven't heard anything about it for so, so long.

Lets sit tight and see what's in store for us in the Fabula Nova Crystallis conference on Hanuary 11th.

blumatt2926d ago

It should stay exclusive so we can have towns, side missions, world map, and just a bigger game, with full explorability. Hopefully, we won't have to wait until close the the end of the game to start exploring like in FF 13.

Dark-Cloud42926d ago

if it's exclusive i'll buy it , i never bought final fantasy game but this game may change that if it's exclusive ...

Kurisu2926d ago

You've never bought ANY?! You should purchase VII, VIII or IX from PSN :D Obviously Versus game style is going to be completely different from them, but you need to experience them :)

Dark-Cloud42926d ago

i saw some good final fantasy games but i don't have a ps2 and even if i have one i can't play old games any more , i get bored fast ... these days i only play the best games , i don't buy any game i see even if i liked it a little ... versus will have a good gameplay - graphics and story , that's why i'll buy it ... i feel it will be one of the best games so i can't wait to see the gameplay ... i hope they put alots of music , i love hearing music while playing a big game like this one ... the last trailer was amazing , i really loved it :

Kurisu2926d ago

More than likely, yea. I can't believe the game was announced in 2006 :(

Zuriel2926d ago

I still can't get over the quality drop from the initial demo versions of FF XIII (the original) to the multi-plat version that was released. Story and Gameplay excluded.

I hope the same thing doesn't happen to Versus. It being in development for so long with all of the FF fans kept in the dark.

blumatt2926d ago

Let's start praying now together and maybe they won't make it multiplatform. I don't understand why they need the money from the 360 anyway, since only a fraction of the sales of 13 were from the 360 version. Most people want to play FF games on the PS3. It's just like if L4D were to go the PS3--most people would buy the 360 version.

-Gespenst-2926d ago

The quality never changed between the two. The game was still good and any shortcomings it had didn't have anything to do with it being multiplatform.

Read this:

That's what went "wrong".

Also, I'm a ps3 owner. I don't have a 360. Multiplatform games quite often do spark controversy because one's better than the other, but in this case, the quality was not reduced because of the 360 version. Get over it. The game just had some serious admin issues.

Zuriel2921d ago

I wasn't trying to place the blame on the fact the game did go multiplatform, I suppose my concern was more along the lines of how defunct square seems to be becoming. They are releasing less and less polished titles and it's not just fan criticism being heard, it seems square is losing money over it.

So I suppose mentioning 'multiplatform,' is taboo nowadays but usually one version of a game whether xbox or playstation seems to be the superior one. We'll see if Square can remedy the situation with further titles.

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