Yakuza 4 - Cinematic and Gameplay

In this video you can see the cinematic and gameplay of Yakuza 4.

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topgun332924d ago

All I see in this short clip are closeups of the main dude from the Yakuza series. I do not see any new character

Trevor1222924d ago

Yeap, my fail, sorry, I thought that there was a new character. Anyway there is a gameplay (new I think).

disturbing_flame2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

I think it has been already posted on N4G; but YAKUZA is by far a very underated game or licence in occident.

People who love oldschool beat them all must buy this episode, it's certainly one of the best of the serie.

Now imagine a beat them all, with a crazy scenario, tons of quests, a weapon creation tool, tons of items to buy, customisable character, evolutive story with 4 main characters wit their own narrative paths, lot of side games : golf, tennis table, poker and lots more; open world that gives a plus to the game compared to other beat them all where you have only one path to follow.

YAKUZA is by far a very avant gardish game compared to classics games we play, people who loved SHENMUE on DREAMCAST must try YAKUZA and particularly YAKUZA 4, once you understand the mecanics of the game you understand the power of its gameplay.

SEGA made a true hardcore game for gamers that love playing and don't want a game with a basic 8 hours gameplay, YAKUZA it's more than 30 hours of fights, WTF, and fun in one game.
Purely one of the best exclusive of the PS3.

soljah2923d ago

yep one of the most underrated video game series of this gen. i think of this as the spiritual successor to shenmue. totally engaging game play and a look inside of Japanese culture.

newflesh2923d ago

I tried Yakuza 3 and honestly you can't really compare it to Shenmue. They are like worlds apart, IMO.

Shenmue = A true work of Art
Yakuza = Fun game

disturbing_flame2923d ago

Even Yu Suzuki compare this game to SHENMUE because he knows his game inspired it. And he also says SEGA done a great job with this LICENCE, true japanese licence.

Nobody said it was like SHENMUE, just some of its mecanics looks the same.
Anyway YAKUZA is way better of a lot of occidental game today, too bad the game is exclusive, it makes it special to the eyes of fanboys.

Ruggadagod2923d ago

kazuma is a great character among the others in the series. i feel for him and the people around him. i actually care what happens. this rarely happens in video games for me.i'm getting this day one for my ps3 no questions. i also want the yakuza game for the psp.