Building the Red Bull X1 Prototype: Behind the Scenes

GTPlanet writes:
The Red Bull X1 prototype in Gran Turismo 5 made the jump from pixels to (partial) reality when it was unveiled to the world at the game’s international launch party in Madrid. I had a chance to personally inspect the model at the event, and its construction was very impressive (take a look at my up-close-and-personal photos from the event below, including partial disassembly of the model after the party was over). It was built by prototyping specialists IDC Models, and they’ve shared an interesting behind-the-scenes look at the X1’s construction along with their official press release. Nice work, guys -- let’s hope this inspires Red Bull to take another step forward in development of the car!

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Otheros002898d ago

Anybody here going to build a replica?

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Bounkass2897d ago

Old news. You guys should check GTPlanet more often...

samuraiX2897d ago

Awesome video, awesome game, the best car simulator this generation!

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