FTG Review: Puzzle Quest 2 (iPhone)

While Puzzle Quest 2 has been out on other consoles like the 360 and the Nintendo DS since June 2010, is this rereleased version made for an even more portable system still worth a purchase.

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KalebKJC942749d ago

Is this the best mobile puzzle quest or not? I need to know

AmigoSniped2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

It is a great improvement over the last puzzle quest and if you enjoy these types of games at all I suggest it.

Drazial2749d ago

Sharp, to-the-point review for anyone thinking about picking this up.

LincolnForce912749d ago

Really considering buying this now. Great review.

MoneyMachine2749d ago

Good review, really informative

Lucasbq4102748d ago

cant see ill pick it up but a good review all the same.

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