HipHopGamer's Pitched Idea Made Kratos on MK9 Possible

TQcast writes: We recently sat down with Hiphopgamer aka 240hz on the latest TQcast LIVE show to talk about Kratos coming to Mortal Kombat 9. While we knew that Hiphopgamer had been reporting this rumor since August, we were surprised to find out during our interview, that Hiphopgamer was actually the mastermind who pitched the idea to the developers and the only reason why Kratos, is coming to Mortal Kombat 9.

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Dylantalon12925d ago

Respect galore for hiphopgamer because he made this possible. Goes to show that he's very relevant in the gaming community as a journalist.

Red_Orange_Juice2925d ago

and Cliffy B's like WTF HipHop why don't you push some Microsoft characters for once

kaveti66162925d ago

And Red_Orange_Juice is like "WTF, when can I say some irrelevant flamebait shit, again?"

DasBunker2925d ago

And kaveti6616 is like "WTF why do i always get trollzed".

kaveti66162925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

dasbunker, a troll is a coward who says anything he wants because he knows he's not going to get his ass kicked.

so, go ahead, and say what you want. thank your lucky stars that I don't know who you are, and where you live.

Edit: I am mad. I'm mad that the internet has become a haven for mental midgets such as yourselves. You have so little capacity for anything else other than sucking the cock of a company that doesn't care about you and talking trash about another company that doesn't care about you. You're not here to talk about games. You're here to defend your purchases. Get the fuck off the site and start your own. You can have all the little internet meme images on hand to make you seem hip or funny. You're still a couple of peons.

DasBunker2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

so by your definition you're the one trolling now... awesome your selfownage save me the hassle.

EDIT: @ Orange

Apocalypse Shadow2925d ago

if you can't handle it kav,then take your @ss somewhere sh!tty as n4g is sometimes,you DON'T have to be here.

it was a JOKE ROJ said.sometimes the sony jokes are funny too.but if you can't handle it,why?seriously...why be here?

kaveti66162925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

apacolypse, you are in no position to say anything. I've been seeing your comments for a long time. you, just as much as them, should get your brain-addled, fanboy, annoying self, off of this site, because I don't need to see another one of your Kinect/Eyetoy comparisons. Your fanboyism is borderline retarded. you go with these 2 stooges and start your own website. You can call it, "I LOVE SONY 8===D." Seriously, I'm not joking. Don't come here. Stop visiting this site. I know you're tempted to come here even more just to annoy me, but you need to recognize that doing so is what makes you and people like dasbunker and dyalantalon trolls. leave.

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DasBunker2925d ago

alright ill bite.

kaveti the problem is you're focusing on the things in life that don't really matter. When I was a kid I had hopes and dreams. We all did. But over time, the daily grind gets in the way and you miss the things that really matter, even though they are right in front of you, staring you in the face. I think the next time you should ask yourself "Am I on the right track here?". I don't mean to be rude but people like you I really pity. So maybe you could use the few brain cells you have and take advantage of the knowledge I have given you now. Good luck.


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Iamback2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

He has nothing to do with it. HHG mentioned it at E3, David Jaffe knew about it pre E3, you do the math. They didn't begin working on these thing 2 weeks ago
PLUS it is kinda obvious, how many of us has same idea the minute we saw MK?

DORMIN2925d ago


Whomever wrote this article didn't do their research then.


Red_Orange_Juice2925d ago


You called people from tqcast journalists? They're just like you and me, are you a journalist? because Im definately not.

xino2925d ago Show

Actually your so wrong HHG has been pushing it for a while, those vids are from a a while your research before you post bad info...


So you get mad when people call you out for pushing a false info comment and either block them from calling you out or you report them as doing a private attack. I think you need to grow up and learn to deal with how it is on the internet. When you bring false info just to push an agenda of hate you will get called out...I for one will be more than willing to do it.

madara0sama2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

The author of that article is probably HHG's friend anyways. They just wanted publicity. Like everyone is saying they already thought of this pre E3 and hhg probably heard a rumor. I don't know how HHG could take the claim of making Kratos into MK because he's just a bad spammer. Until I hear an official word from Boon that hgg started this, hgg is just a publicity wanting noob.(oh yea, a noob)

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r1sh122925d ago

Some of things HHG says are silly, and he is relatively biased.
But if he did seriously suggest this to the MK people then its good to see developers take some 'gamers' opinions into games.

1 thing I will say is that the 240hz TV thing, there are 600Hz TV's out there too, they have a similar price and the refresh rate is madness, I know I had one until it got plasma burn.
Getting another one soon.

Lykon2925d ago

I agree respect to HHG , he gets FAR too much hate on this site and yet he is, like us, a gamer, he loves video games, he is excited about games, he is passionate and enthusiastic about what he does. He is NOT Kotick or Patcher and any of those cynical capitalist types and he is head and shoulders above your average flame baiting hit seeking fan boy blogger. And he isn't some smug uni grad journalist geek type...we need to stop giving the guy such a hard time.

VenGencE9992925d ago

It's only because of his race. If he was called the rocknroll gamer with a different skin tone, saying the same things he has been saying he'd be loved by all...

Quartx2925d ago

Hey i'm Black, and I even got to say that some of the stuff he does is ridiculous. It's not because of his race, it's how he makes journalism tend to look almost like a joke.

Just because he's very passionate doesn't mean we should just excuse it.

Lykon2925d ago

i've not really seen him in terms of his colour, well maybe years ago before i saw any of his vids i was concerned he might be some macho gansta attitude type, but he so isn't, he is such a sweet friendly guy. i'm an old , tired gamer with just about enough spare time and energy to play through a handful of games a year left, but HHG's enthusiasm has at times got me fired up. I'm really fond of him and he always wears a nice clean top and looks fresh. He never bites at any of the insults on here. very peaceful guy.

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Masamori Sumimura2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

See What I always said? While you lames in here hating on him. He's out there actually interacting with the Devs and making an impact which made this possible.

be greatful.

writersblock2925d ago

Stop calling people lames
Its fucking lame and its pissing me off

Zachmo1822925d ago

lol getting mad at someone for saying lames. If you don't like what he's saying don't reply to the freaking message.

Donnyskillz2924d ago

who carse if you get pissed what...what are you gonna do?????

writersblock2925d ago

Yeah.. Im going to somehow make you stop over the internet....

Which is why you love it, you come up with stupid names to call people and nobody can punch you for it
Be greatful

RedDead2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

He said far more annoyingly stupid stuff than good stuff though/

I respect for a few things but I dislike alot more of him than I like.

Shuklar2925d ago

If by "interacting" you mean strapping on a pair of knee pads and going to town, yeah, he's pretty hardcore

pedrami912925d ago

...............Bwahahahahaha !

ngecenk2925d ago

the idea of kratos in mk has been up there since it reach soul calibur. hhg just think he has anything to do with it.

RonXD2925d ago

You do know Jaffe knew about this pre-e3...Before HHG ever mentioned it right?

Do some research lame.

xino2925d ago Show
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Nitrowolf22925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

not trying to diss him or anything, but i might be wrong wasn't MK revealed at E3? And then Jaffe comments saying that Ed told him at E3?

If that's the case then saying HHG made it possible is off, considering you have the GOW creator saying that MK creator Ed boon told him at E3 about Kratos possible being in the game.

Now i don't want to sound like a jerk or a hater or what ever, but if that was the case, it seems like HHG is trying to claim it for himself saying it was because of him, when in fact it was already talked about before him. And he stated it would be cool when he went to interview the GOW devs.


explanation please?
The way i saw it go down was that HHG already knew it was gonna happen, He just hinted at it.
Like the guy says about the shenmu 3 rumor about HHg saying it and then a bunch of stuff popping up, but he says that they did it before he did. So the guy was saying HHG was pigging backing off their idea because he went into a defence saying that they said it first before HHG.

Nitrowolf22925d ago

would like HHG input, and don't get me wrong im not trying to insult or anything like that. pm me, going snow boarding.


Your getting disagrees because you mention things like David Jaffe talking about it prior to E3 but provide no link and as anyone on the internet knows no link to proof and it didn't happen.

Nitrowolf22925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

um wow
sorry but did you even bother to look AT THE LINK I PROVIDED
It's the first freakn thing in my comment

DoomeDx2925d ago

240Hz is Glassless 3D!!!!

M4I0N32925d ago

LoL :p, come on now, thats quite harsh... but relevant :D Hehe

trounbyfire2925d ago

its possible
if the tv can do the flicking that the glasses do then why not. at a fast enough rate the two images will seem like one but because the are different you will see 3d.

seems possible IMO

writersblock2925d ago

Not really
He said "it would be cool to have kratos in MK9"
Kratos is in MK9, but it doesnt mean its because of HHG

Chupa-Chupa2925d ago

Listen to the interview, before you say not really. HipHop confirms that he pitched the idea and they went with it. He just couldn't say anything else about it.