Uncharted 3 Teaser Analysed: New Information about the Story

RevoltTech analyses the teaser of Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception and uncovers possible locations and plot points

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writersblock2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

I saw the pic of TE Lawrence in the teaser over arabia and I knew it would have something to do with his finds

Im impressed they got 3 pages of notes off one teaser though

MAJ0R2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

yes IGN's rewind theater was by far the best analysis of the trailer

Christopher2925d ago

Really poor review of the video.

Thomas, Philby, and Thesiger are three different people, not two people. They were all explorers of Arabia, have written material in reference to it, and each have been mentioned with regards to the hidden city.

Still confused why so many people overlook all of the data you can gleam from the open journal, including the repeated drawing of the four alchemy symbols drawn together to look like a stick figure.

The best video overview I've seen was the IGN one. The guys who made this one could have made a lot more effort in covering more of the information here.

DarthRevan2925d ago

I think they ignored thomas and philby but searched thesiger as it was underlined so, naturally, the most important

I agree IGN's was good, but IGN is IGN
You've got to give smaller blogs some credit till they can afford to start putting up more advanced content

Xfanboy2925d ago

biggest game of the night 4 sure!

scar202925d ago

Sadly it's the last trailer they are gonna show but what a way to end an evening.

sjeen662925d ago

what uncharted 3 in my country DAMN he will be scorched in our desert wear something protective drake cause the desert hot sand and wind will burn his skin..maybe i`ll help