Every Kratos Kill Ever: God of War III

Spawn Kill looks back at the biggest god-killing list in gaming history. This week features God of War III, the most brutal and bloody installment in the storied franchise.

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tigresa2927d ago

If this doesn't tell you this game has more action than anything else... You're blind, dumb and stupid.

Snarkasaur2926d ago

As someone blind, dumb, and stupid, this comment is offensive to me.

DasBunker2926d ago

the hades kill is the best.. cronos fight was awesome because of the scale.. but overall i think the fights in GOWII were more creative.

Death24942926d ago

I have yet to see anyone match GOD of War 3, presentation wise. It's truly felt next gen.

zeddy2926d ago

the fight with the 2 sisters near the end of god war 2 was probably the best.

IneedWeed2926d ago

Play this game without blocking and titan, plenty of action

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theherp802926d ago

just some epic freaking battles.

Drachaus2926d ago

Do you think Kratos ever gets bored of being the ultimate badass?

GioneBurnz2926d ago

never. Kratos is a gangster

ShadowPraxis2926d ago

Still need to get around to playing this. GoWIII is one of those games that I just never picked up when it came out. I enjoyed the first two, though.

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The story is too old to be commented.