The Grandeur of Metacritic Scores

A Bitmob writer's details his friend's fascination with Metacritic and explains why he won't go gaga for a game with score lower than 85.

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NecrumSlavery2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Meta Critic leads to major freak out moments here at N4G, whether it be good or bad. It is bantha fodder that fanboys and girls love to roll around in. I wonder if anyone looks at the meta scores for film, tv, books, music, etc and has these tantrum outbursts that most five year old children have? Kind of hard to prove to the world and expect the other out there to reconize games as a form of art when immaturiy like this is an everyday occurance. Not only here, but in the gaming and news media as well.

TheBossMan2925d ago

I just look at the game and see if it looks like something I'd like. I'm really skeptical about games under 80 though, however I realize that sometimes (most times) it's personal taste. I mean, something like Rock Band or Guitar Hero could score a 100 for all I care, but I'm not going to buy them since I like playing real instruments and save gaming for stuff that I can't do in real life (I'm not big on Sports games either, for the same reason).

BeOneWithTheGun2925d ago

I also scourer the net for user reviews, watch game play videos and whatnot. If something is still 50/50 I just gamefly it. In the end, very few games take $60.00 out of my wallet.

There are a few games, though, that I know I am going to purchase even before reviews come in. They are:

The next Elder Scrolls, whenever the hell THAT comes out.

sleepy32925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Its a tool you use conveniently it seems. Its good and dependable when games you like are scored highly, but then a noob tool when games you like scored poorly.

examples are: Super mario galaxy 2 (Meta critic is great!)
Metroid other m (Metacritic is balls)

Halo 1(Metacritic all the way)
Alan Wake (Metacritic is for losers)

Uncharted 2 (Look at the MC score, its the greatest game ever)
GT5 (MC is a joke)

The same goes for game of the year awards. the same publications that are slates when they give bad reviews to games you like, are then praised when they give GOTY to a game you like.

there is a bit of hypocrite in all of us

ozstar2925d ago

They intentionally supress reviews in order to manipulate the MC scores. Example - GT5 vs DKCR