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Eurogamer: "Newsflash! Games are pretty good, aren't they? The fact that the BBC's Panorama has taken approximately three decades to work out what some of us sussed out the first time we clapped eyes on an arcade machine in the early eighties is investigative journalism at its most biting. In other news, food is pretty tasty, and some people eat too much of it.

In fairness, some people are just plain stupid and do things to excess, but is that the fault of videogames and the people that make them? Should we be encouraging them to make them less entertaining so that we can go back to smashing up bus stops for kicks? I don't know about you, but I've got a particular bone to pick with those irresponsible folk at HBO for continuing to make TV shows that render me powerless, and nail me to a chair for hours at at a time. Sometimes, I feel literally paralysed with entertainment."

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