Weekly Gaming Sales Dec 11, 2010

This will be the first of our weekly Sale posts. We have looked over all the flyers and found the best sales in Canada for you all. These are all good until the 16th of December. We will have a Major post when Boxing Day starts and collect all the best sales for you to check out. Happy Hunting!

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NecrumSlavery2929d ago

Um? This is basically an advertisment.

norman292928d ago

Isnt that basically what this site is for though? You advertise reviews, articles, stories ect ect to get hits on your website that you are therefore advertising here

NecrumSlavery2928d ago

True, I wasnt trying to be douchey with the comment, I just didn't really get the article. It was a list and didn't really come off as news. But these are great prices and I encourage everyone to take advantage of great deals like this to get those games you may have missed.

Arup022928d ago

ME2 for 9,97 is a great deal.

MadMax2927d ago

wait a minute, staples doesnt sell games, do they? at least out here in the states and i dont see any on their site either. weird!