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1988 was the year that Splatterhouse was first introduced to the masses as it released in the arcades, and from there two additional games were spawned. Namco Bandai decided to bring the series back from the dead and on to the current generation of consoles with a remake of the original. After a dismissal of the development team in 2009 due to performance issues, there was hope that this meant that quality was of the utmost importance for publisher Namco Bandai. Well, with the game already on store shelves that is sadly farthest from the truth, and a game that could have been a sleeper hit for its violence and story ends up being doomed to bargain bins everywhere.

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Theparanerds2922d ago

ouch score! Good review though

doctorstrange2922d ago

It's a shame it performed so poorly

Theparanerds2922d ago

I actually really enjoyed the game , i didn't think it was bad at all,

MaroonersRock2922d ago

Refreshing to see an honest review.