Sony Playstation 3 will Become Biggest Game Zone Soon

One of the biggest and the hottest names in today’s gaming culture, Sony PlayStation 3 is said to be well on its way of beating the competition and could emerge with some of biggest sales among its competitors in the near future. As per the report released by Strategic Analysts, so far the PS3 is lacking the numbers that, it needs to top the gaming consoles, still this immensely popular device is believed to have a long life span than that of the current top gaming console, Nintendo Wii.

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i believe 2011 is the year many single console owners adopt a ps3 gamer in their right mind can deny sony are pulling out all the stops for 2011

multi-console owning FTW

MrAwesome2924d ago

In 2011 when people buy a PS3 it'll be mostly hardcore gamers who own an x360, however if it has at least a $50 price drop casual gamers will also be getting Ps3s by the truckload. I'll bet 2011 will well more ps3s than 2009 either way.

Game-ur2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

The real exclusive PS3 has makes it the choice for the hardcore gamer, while the 360 turned into the cheep or casual option. This is why it sells more software in worldwide total despite being behind in consol numbers.

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Vesemir2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Wow, very true. Bubbles up, very inteligent.

C0MPUT3R2924d ago

2009 - 13 mil
2010 - 15 mil ( On track for that number, as SONY has forecasted.)
The PS3 is selling better than 2009 already in 2010, and it will sell even better in 2011.

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TheFreak2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

hmm true so true

Clarence2924d ago

It's already my top console until the PS4 comes out.

bviperz2924d ago

Multi-platform owning FTW.

Forecasting depleted bank accounts in 2011 FTL.

FOXDIE2924d ago

mark my word on this one: Next E3 = new price cut for PS3

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Matthew942924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

yeah they're doing alright

we need more great JRPGs like the ps2 days

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Prcko2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

i won't be able to buy any multiplat next year,all reserved for awesome ps3 exclusive games!
gears of war 3 is also playable on pc,so that isn't a exclusive,same goes to mass effect 3,it's gonna be on ps3 also,so one more non exclusive,halo 4 won't happen till 2012 i am sure,so you have crappy kinect stuff,and few projects what who knows how gonna look like!

scar202924d ago

Bu bu bu bu but the ps3 has no games pffff give me a break if it has no games look at all the exclusives coming out next year for it.

*@SacredMg PS3 just sold 1 million less than 360 in November, it looks like it is dying to me*
If the ps3 was really dying i doubt developers would still be making games for it so i'm guessing all these exlusives means it's dead?

Twisted metal
Killzone 3
Little big planet 2
Resistance 3
Uncharted 3
Not sure if next year but Final fantasy versus XIII
The Last Guardian
Infamous 2
Yup ps3 is pretty much dead i guess when i buy these games i will just play them on my 360 :/ sarcasm.

palaeomerus2924d ago

LA Noire is not exclusive anymore.

FF Versus XIII is also expected to go multiplatform eventually...if it evere comes out.

Of those I am interested in Resistance 3(to find out what happens after 2) and Uncharted 3(I enjoy the uncharted series). I am willing to play Killzone 3 but was not a big fan of 2 though I did enjoy it. I will probably wait till the price drops and give it shot but the original while interesting played a little clunky.

inFamous 2...I dunno. I might buy it cheap a couple of years after it comes out. I was not a huge fan of the original. It needed more stuff to do. In my opinion an open world game needs a very wide variety of stuff to do, and to be kind of inherently ridiculous. Sadly the only ridiculous stuff in inFamous was Zeke, the plot, and the idea that sewers with strange cycled mario jump-hazards are how city power grids work. call me back when you can highjack a helicopter and paint a flame job on it, demolish a building completely, or attach a guy driving buy on a scooter with a hook and bungie cord.

I don't really care about Little Big Planet 2 (I did enjoy going through the original once seeing the levels and and listening to the music but making stuff really wasn't much fun for me and the platforming was not addictive). I am not in the market for more Sackboy or "create your own thing" games.

Last Guardian 2 is likely to be a huge bummer emotionally so I think I'll avoid that. I already played Lost odyssey this gen.

I haven't like twisted Metal since 3 came out and yes that includes Black.

So next year I will probably be focusing on multi-platform games like Deadspace 2, Brink, Rage, Duke Nukem, Arkham 2, Dragon Age 2, etc. Like this year and last year. :)

And I'll probably play most of those on my 360 since that's what most of my friends have.

And hopefully Nintendo will come up with a game worth playing next year so I can dust off my Wii. I haven't really played it much since Mario Galaxy 2 came out.

Don't get me wrong I like SOME exclusives but the idea that I'm going to go crazy for all of a console's exclusives as they come out, especially when most are sequels of games of with a decently sized but limited audience is silly. That goes for every platform.

This year I didn't get Fable 3 because Fable 2 just turned me off. I got Crackdown 2 because I loved Crackdown and enjoyed it but wish I'd waited to get it get $20. That means Crackdown 3 if there is one won't be getting a sale at launch from me. I enjoyed Halo Reach so I'll probably get another Halo. I did not enjoy Forza 3 so the next Forza title will probably not be purchased by me. ETC.

Buffniceguy2924d ago

FF Versus XIII mutiplatform? Then you woke up.

THE TRUTH2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

It's sounds to me like your just not fond of the gaming experience found on the PS3, that fine because its your personal preference. But I'm inclined to inform you that because your not hyped about the PS3 exclusives doesn't mean millions of gamers are too.

All of these PS3 haters need to stop looking to NPD. It's not worldwide sales and from my understanding it does not even include Walmart sales. Stop checking numbers and play these games.

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