Kung Fu Live Review [Game Revolution]

"While the tutorial voice-over might be about as offensive as your white friend's Jackie Chan impersonation, everything is kept within the realm of parody. Even the developer's press material encourages the moronic imitation kung-fu Bruce Lee fans have been doing for years." ~ Daniel Bischoff

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whateva2929d ago

& as of now it can go toe to toe with any kinect game & the 60fps tracking puts the slow tracking of all kinect games to shame.

I have both Kinect & PS-Eye/Move & this game makes all the kinect games feel slow & unresponsive.

baodeus2928d ago


I hope u do something about that neck problem (playing sideways, while turning your head to look at the screen). Why don't you try to face the TV and punch or kick in that direction?

I bet you haven't play dance central. You can't be serious if you say dance central isn't responsive.

whateva2928d ago

you want to try again?

you should have said Your Shape but this game even responds faster than that.

baodeus2925d ago


I wish i can post a video of what it can do really. Some people really don't know what the hell they doing with kinect. You don't need to stress your arms out like that. I kept close and move very little. I flick my finger to choose it. It picks up everything. Plus, do you realize you have to calibrate often to get the sensitivity up to par right? In dance central, it does read your body position really well (i know, i pay attention to some of the girl friend that came over and play, i see how their position are different and i told them to fix it to match that on screen (ex: their leg should be back and bent a little more, etc...) and they start doing better.), so you say you can cheat in dance central by just posing?


lOOK I have lost all my bubbles for stating that sony has done moctionless gaming before kinect but its the truth! sadly Kinect games are better than Playstation eye games... Untill this game came out! its a 7.3 in my opinion but the setup is hard!

cstyle2928d ago

tried this game and its no way better than kinect titles. It doesnt desrve a B. IGN came closer to the score it deserves IMO. The game has way too many issues.

blackburn52928d ago

Once again people jump to IGN's score because they gave it a negative review. Why do all of you do that? Jump on board the bad score of a PS3 game because you think that score is "truthful". Why don't you think the good scores are truthful? It the same thing you people did with the Move, Sports Champions, Dead Nation and GT5. Why do you seek out the bad reviews so eagerly?

Arup022928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Fanboys think that all games from their platform needs to receive high scores. Its the same thing with Xbox fans too. But i heard IGN have a fame to be "friendly" towards the 360 more than it is towards the PS3.

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