PS3 DiRT gets 8.8 from PSM3 & 8 from OPM

PSM3 and OPM reviews Dirt for the PS3.

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nasim4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

DIRT is not as good as MOTORSTORM but is decent no doubt


everyone here ignores BOT's comments like yours.

DIRT is better on ps3 than x360 but it is nowhere near Motorstorm

SabreMan4117d ago

sorry i have to disagree with you on that, i absolutely hate Motorstorm i just can't get along with it. I am not denying it's quality but it's just not for me, however i loved the demo of dirt so i will be getting it for my ps3 on day of release next friday

personal choice

MK_Red4117d ago

I love both games and think both of them deserved higher scores.

ATLRoAcH4117d ago

The Demo was pretty good the graphics and the car damage is wonderful looking.But with so many other great titles coming I think I'll miss out on this one.

Mr VideoGames4117d ago

no one can see what he is writing and every comment he makes he gets another Ignore

level 3604117d ago

The only thing that bugs me with this game is the lame voicing and not too good pace notes by the navigator...they really need to hire/bring back Colin McRae's actual navigator - { Nicky Grist, we sorely miss your fantastic navigating } to pace not for the next game ( that is, if they would ever do another series )
Besides this complaint, the game is Tops!, quite different from the previous series' but still very innovative ( great in-car camera views ) and I like the atmospheric look that it brings.

Bolts4117d ago

After playing Motorstorm this kind of realistic driving sims seems so tamed and boring.

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