2011: The Year to Come In Games Part I

From "You've just survived 2010. Your wallet has taken a beating from being practically forced to buy titles for your machine out of pure awesomeness. Halo: Reach, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Heavy Rain, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Mass Effect 2, Starcraft II, Bayonetta, Red Dead Redemption, God of War III, BioShock 2, Medal of Honor, and the list continues - and that didn't even include the price you paid if you wanted to get the Rock Band 3 keyboard, Kinect or the PlayStation Move."

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IneedWeed2923d ago

Wow, and these are the games that's announced. 2011 can be a very good year for any gamer. Let's hope they keep em coming with great games from both consoles. No Kinect games though plz haha.

BlmThug2923d ago

2011 Will Have Marry My Wallet, Divorce It & Then Take 100% Of Everything My Wallet Owns

shammgod2922d ago

i wish i could buy more time....all these games and no time to play them. i have to choose wisely

JonahFalcon2922d ago

People who only own ONE console are feeling a little better now. hehe People who own both a 360 and PS3 are saying, "NOooooooooooOOOOOOOooooO OOoooooo!"

Part II is even more packed.