PSP2 vs Ipad 2 vs Iphone 5 vs 3DS which is best for mobile gaming in 2011?

So you are perhaps considering upgrading to a new mobile gaming platform next year, the big players will be Sony, Nintendo and Apple, not Microsoft, and they will fight it out for the dominance of the mobile gaming space for the next couple of years, so who will win?, which should you go for if you are a gamer.

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pspgweber2845d ago

Nice compared..I would guessing 3DS.

Blacktric2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

Nah. Panasonic's online based handheld console will destroy all three.


Speaking of which, what the hell happened to that anyway? They announced it and after that nobody's heard anything ever since. LMAO!

Rumor2844d ago

Vtech or leapfrog

Nuff said..

Tony-Red-Grave2844d ago

most BS thing ever

this DS isnt out and the PSP2 isnt announced as for ipad n phone they arnt in the same market gaming on these is just a tacked feature. really some BS


Both the PSP2 and DS will be heading towards iPhones market because it's all about convergence now.

All that 2004 shit is over.

rjdofu2844d ago

@ULTIMATE_REVENGE: don't get cocky just because of some casual shits on your iPhone, why do they have to converge?
Btw, infinity blade's fking sucks. Gaming on apple stuffs will never give you the same feelings when gaming on true handhelds, i.e: DS & PSP

Active Reload2844d ago

3DS for me also...since its REAL, lol.

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trounbyfire2844d ago

We don't even know the PSP2 specs yet!!!

NecrumSlavery2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )


and what the hell is an iPad 2 or iPhone5?

Could easily say there is an Xbox Mini coming as well.

Ju2844d ago

...and the next droid, galaxy (NexusS), HTC's, Motorla's Tegra2 tablet, etc...

kneelb4zod2844d ago

only thing spec wise they reveal of the psp2, was 1 gig of ram.

George Sears2844d ago

Not just that but we need a solid lineup of games to grant a purchase and in this case the 3DS has my attention so far.

No need on purchasing a car if they are no roads.

Active Reload2844d ago

"No need on purchasing a car if they are no roads. "

Ha, I like that analogy, but I must ask. How long have you been waiting to fit that into a conversation?

Matthew942844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

3ds obviously

we dont need more power than wii graphics on a handheld at the moment and thats what the 3ds appears to have.

anything more is overkill

f7897902844d ago

Anything more is awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.