Mindjack's "Sanctioned Griefing" May Redefine Multiplayer

Bitmob Editor Brett Bates: I thought I had Mindjack figured out. The Square Enix title, due out in January, bears all the hallmarks of a standard modern shooter: Cover-based action? Check. Some conceit to separate it from the pack (in this case, the ability to jump from person to person by hijacking their minds)? Check. Title succinctly explaining that conceit (see Fracture, TimeShift, Portal, etc.)? Check. Hybrid single-player/multiplayer experience that allows people to infiltrate your campaign and inhabit the minds of enemy soldiers? Che--

Wait, what?

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BeOneWithTheGun2930d ago

OK. I'm down with this! Demon's Souls MP was awesome. Black Phantom FTW!

choadley2930d ago

I'd probably stay offline while learning the controls and how things work since I can imagine some mean-spirited person enjoying taking newbies out.