NPD August Software & Hardware Expectations: 360 Outsells PS3

August NPD, which covers the four weeks of August 5 to September 1 for the USA (and Canada), will be released September 13th (September 12th for Canada) at approximately 6:30 PM EST.

Recently, Vgchartz data covering the same period became available, so it is time to look at the expected NPD figures for the month.

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Umbrella Corp4090d ago

he reported this 3 times so it wouldnt be let out ....fanboy peh hate em

ArduousAndy4090d ago

im a hardcore 360 guy. I gotta say that hearing that 360 outsells ps3 is good news to me. But to hear it from vgchartz tells me nothing since they are always wrong. Can we please not use these people anymore and just calmly wait for the NPD numbers?

i Shank u4089d ago

gotta say i like how bloodmask called the vgcharts "NPD expectations". when i see VG charts posted by others, especially if ps3 outsells 360, it is treated like fact and not the estimate it is

THAMMER14090d ago ShowReplies(5)
Bloodmask4090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

are something else. Every time I post a story that is even romotely AntiPS3 they all come out of the woodwork...Pathetic.

And @Dirtysouf in the reports section MK_RED made this title not me. It was submitted in the tips section this way. But I am sure you wouldn't report him.....Once again making yourself look incompetant.
Stop censoring the news.
----------------------------- ---------------------------

Other: (5 minutes ago)
Bloodmask for someone who cries and b!tches about N4G guidelines you sure don't know how to follow them yourself. Changing Titles again i see though you ask me Mk red and Merc not to. Insecure and Pathetic.
Reported by: drtysouf21

Fake: (7 minutes ago)
Not real NPD numbers. VG Chartz has zero credibility.
Reported by: Bigmac573

Bad Editing: (14 minutes ago) - Fix Problem
Use original title "Vgchartz August & NPD August Software and Hardware Expectations". No need to show ur (soon to be over 360) fanboyism there.
Reported by: kingofps3

nasim4090d ago

firstly your source is VGCHARTS --a site that massively defaltes x360's sales .

rather than posting trash why dont you post the x360 sales figs in JAPAN and EU

x360 sells just 10k hardwares in EU and 1k (lol) in JAPAN per week.

ps3 might be beaten by x360 in NA but it is murdering x360 in JAPAN and EU at the moment.

By all means you would always have the x360 as the least selling console in the world (monthly basis if you are combining japan,eu and na sales)

Bloodmask4090d ago

How did I come up with this weird "stuffs" you speak of.

I didn't write the article??

Bloodmask4090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

It is obvious some of the things I post upset you. Like I said hate me and my posts. But don't censor the news. Look at my history I rarely report anything unless it is an editing problem.

And I only post in the threads the way I do bc it upsets childish people like you. No other reason than that.

I am not one of these adament defenders of my console that will sit in the reports section all day and try and slant everything for my own agenda. Look at my submissions. I have submitted a lot of ProPS3 type articles.

And I think you are jumping to conclusions saying I take bubbles or whatever. Bc I don't. It must be your Sony fanboy mentality to even consider people would stoop to that level. Most likely bc you would.

drtysouf214090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

guilty of posting lots of good news for Sony & Blu-ray

Jury is still out on ratio of bad news stories for each console last time i counted in july it was 11 negative PS3 to 14 negative 360


guilty of posting lots of bad news for Sony & Blu-ray

guilty of posting duplicate stories that have a more negative spin then the originally posted stories for persona agenda

guilty of posting negative bashing fanboy comments in lots of good and bad PS3 Sony and Blu-ray news

guilty of being a hypocrite asking Me, MK RED, Merc about changing titles to promote or bash a competitor.

guilty of posting very little positive PS3 news just so you can try to convince people you aren't a fanboy

guilty of having 2 N4G accounts one used to try sound intelligent by bashing PS3 and the other going all out being a fanboy bashing the PS3

guilty of telling me how to cheat the N4G system in a PM a few months ago before we were enemies by telling me to open multiple submit news pages and submitting multiple stories at once. (Bet you thought i forgot about that)

guilty of having a huge thing about how the Cell is bad and Sony conspiracies etc. in your bio which your removed awhile ago to try to look more unbias.

The biggest difference between me and you is that i don't go around commenting negatively in just about all good and bad PS3 Sony & Blu-ray news for the 360.

I own all 3 consoles so i have a right to have a favorite as i've had experience with all 3.

I favor PS3 so yes I DO SUBMIT LOTS OF GOOD PS3 SONY AND BLU-RAY news my last negative 360 news was over 2 months ago here

So if people on here don't like me because i favor the PS3 and post lots of good news related to then i suggest you all do your part and contribute good 360 and related to 360 news.

Calling me names fighting with me giving me disagrees and taking bubbles is not going to change who i am and what i love.

segasage4090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

you contribute news. Hiding behind the fact that you un-biased is the Bs, we all hate.

The number #1 Bs is "CENSORING" the news...

good news, bad news this is n4g we know how sh%t is on here. this is a fanboy site, with biased new fit for personal agendas.

as well as articles with titles changes, to entice flame...or GREED

nothing new here but STOP CENSORING the news...this is not communism.

This is what happens when extremist are given too much power, CORRUPTION.

nomad1174090d ago

that bloodmask is biased you can tell from his comments what he post's its flat out obvious that he deosn't much care for the Ps3 but really it's his opionion of what he likes so you have to respect that and bloody whats with the name calling your better then that aren't you

HeavyweightInTheGame4090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

Lol "stuffs". Nice...


drtysouf214090d ago

Don't know if you were replying to me but my reports of duplicate have been valid for his 2 stories here.


duplicate of this

and his

duplicate of this

sames stories with his submissions having a more negative spin.

I've submitted many a negative PS3 Sony Blu-ray articles

and the latest being 12 days ago

so thats stupid to say i'm censoring negative PS3 news. I've reported on duplicate stories that had a more negative spin posted by Bloodmask.

Bloodmask4090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

I am sorry for the name calling. And yes I do prefer 360. But all the opposing fanboys act like these are the only types of articles I submit.

This article is only stating that 360 will most likely outsell PS3 in NA for August and look how defensive everybody gets. So who is really the one being childish??

I approve RROD articles all the time and don't hover in the reports section with a personal agenda. I may submit articles that bash PS3 but there are also many negative type 360 articles that don't receive this kind of scrutiny.

@DJ below. Of course you agree with Dirtysouf21 bc he is Pro Sony just like you. I have submitted 2 stories that were antiPS3 that were possible duplicates out of almost 200 total. These are the articles you remember bc you are one of the extremists I'm talking about. Look at my submissions.

DJ4090d ago

You spend way too much time posting duplicate stories in an attempt to make the 360's performance look better than it really is. Your immature behavior isn't very appreciated either.

segasage4090d ago

everytime you POST negative PS3 news...

" Before anyone flames me for posting this i just want to say i don't agree with anything in this article but as a contributer people think i unfairly post only positive PS3 news and negative 360 news. I saw this article and decided to post it even though i completly disagree with it.

Never have you said anything like that. when you post 360 News, actually you never really comment on them.

You post Negative new then being sly like a fox, you go out saying "well I don't agree with it(covering your arse), but I gots cash to win" When we all know you only post it to try to appear non-bias.

Hey if you prefer the PS3, it's all good no hate, we can see that. It's no biggie we all know blood like his 360, but really there is no need to cover your ass. journalist never pick sides, especially if they are in the middle of a war and appearing on camera.

ArmrdChaos4090d ago

It is really no more immature than starting a cat fight about it.

drtysouf214090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

LOL. I don't need protection and for the record i've done that twice at the most. No matter what i say or do i will still own all 3 consoles. Take the time to go through all of my comments i've made many good comments in 360 news especailly blue dragon news because that was a game i really wanted.

Click on my profile and look at my 360 gamer card. You'll see Madden 08 and Bioshock as my last played games. So that clearly shows i support my 360 also.

Everyone on here acts like its against the law to own all 3 consoles yet have a favorite. FOR THE BILLIONTH TIME I LOVE MY PS3 most so yes i will MOSTLY submit good news for it i will MOSTLY comment in its news. Its my favorite for christs sake so why shouldn't I? But I still support 360 and Wii.

I don't try to hide look at my profile in the Bio section i clearly state for all to see how i feel.

TheMART4090d ago

Anything DJ agrees with is not right.

That's all I know.

Still reading stuff from some Dev blog kid? Like you did 1.5 years long untill you finally a couple of weeks ago bought a PS3?

You keep making me laugh.

drtysouf214090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

I just realized your a 360 fanboy by all your comments your probably Bloodmask using one of your alternate accounts. So i don't know why i wasted my time going back and forth with you.

I just figured out why all you 360 fanboys don't like me.
Its because unlike the other Sony Fanboys on this site you KNOW that i own all 3 consoles and proudly boast that the PS3 is my favorite. You can overlook other Sony Fanboys because you know they don't own a 360 and might just be talking sh!t because they only own a PS3. But it really bothers you all that i own all 3 and that the 360 isn't my favorite. Man this makes so much sense now. i can't believe i didn't see this earlier. So i'm done wasting my time and comments defending myself because frankly i don't care.

This is probably the last time i'm going to say this.

I own all 3 consoles. I support all 3 consoles. The Sony PlayStaion 3 is my favorite out of the 3. I will mostly comment in PS3 news. I will submit news for all 3 but i may submit more good PS3 news as it is my favorite. I will speak my mind regardless of what anyone thinks of me.

I'm done with the fanboy fights about me if you don't like me hit ignore because thats what i do to those i don't like. If you don't like my stories don't read them.

Now back to playing Warhawk & Bioshock & Metroid Prime!

MarioFromTexas4090d ago

put numbers for worldwide, stop trying to make it sound like the 360 is outselling the PS3. We all know the 360 only sells in N.A. and PS3 sells worldwide

Takanohana4089d ago

Don't let this nigger get to you, Dumd nigger is just jealous because he bought a 360 instead of a real console (cough *PS3, cough *PS3*).

Keep up the good work !

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genericname4090d ago

mommie mommie, my console is selling well, can I stay up past 8 tonight?

radzy4090d ago

if your 13 , i understand. if your over 13, i feel sorry for you kid.

gamehendge4090d ago

lol......x-kiddies and sales figures, funny stuff.

weekapaugh4090d ago

"x-kiddies and sales figures, funny stuff."

i know, they are like cackling school girls anytime they get positive sales figures.

segasage4090d ago

"x-kiddies and sales figures, funny stuff."

i know, they are like cackling school girls anytime they get positive sales figures.

can you spot sour P$ss#$s when you see one..


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Kyur4ThePain4090d ago

for 360 owners. I guess.
I'm really happy for them, as it seems they need to have their purchase decision validated for some reason, and sales figures seem to do the trick.

What I don't get is the obsession with sales figures...does it mean that the product that sells the most is any better than the others?
I guess beer really is better than champagne.

segasage4090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

AAA titles like Bioshock, more to come, sales, games, XBL, Demos, oh there is a lot of validation.

This is just one article, and really it is nothing new.

PS3 last place in all positions, why fanboys try to validate blu-ray and cell, beats me...see nothing new.

obssesions all over the place..Deal

ukilnme4090d ago

You should know by now that fanboys of all consoles try to validate their purchases. 360 fanboys are no different than the PS3 fanboys. 11 million US, 7 million world wide, shipped vs sold. They all spin it hoping to justify their favorite. Just look around N4G and you will see this same type of thing from both camps. I did not include the Wii or PC because I see more activity out of PS3 and 360 fanboys.