Fallout: New Vegas Gets Major Update "As promised last month, Bethesda announced it has released the next update for Fallout: New Vegas today."

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Forbidden_Darkness2898d ago

Atleast they are fixing their game.

I'm glad i haven't gotten to play it yet, been playing other games and my brother had to beat it first.

imvix2898d ago

Good decision on my part to buy this game once its on Discount on steam, The game will be patched up and cheap win win situation.

showtimefolks2898d ago

but everyone who played told me to hold off now january too many games in Q1 2011 so i will waite because tehre could be few more patches and if all those dlc's than better to play out 2011 and get GOTY

because the dlc for this game atleast teh first sounds really interesting

FFXI1012898d ago

You should thanks those people who told you to wait. It was one of the worst qulity game ever! So many problems that I couldn't stand it. I'm glad that I didn't buy the game(I rent it first)

Now they actually fix it I think I'll play it again.

poopface12898d ago

and I couldnt finish the quest. It did not update the objectives even after I completed it. So while I wait for the patch I went to cesars camp and killed them all.

Steven212898d ago

Ehhhh im kinda excited ive already put 60+ hours in and im just used to the bugs now i hope it doesnt drastically change anything

dragon822898d ago

Platinumed the game in October. I guess I will have to go back and see what they changed.

Lunatic_Brandon2898d ago

Already fixed the game with mods and added a bunch of new content.

Arup022898d ago

"- Companions will always fast travel with you, unless told to wait or sent away" Sorry, but this wasn't always like that?

Darkfocus2898d ago

this patch is to fix's supposed to be like that but it's not always...

FFXI1012898d ago

They sometimes(often, my case) disappear and no where to be found and won't be with me till I fast travel again or at all.

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The story is too old to be commented.