You Select and Vote for PS3's Game of the Year

2010 has been a great year for PlayStation 3 titles. I am sure that you, the reader, have played great titles. So why not let you, the reader, select the game of the year. I’ll let the voting process continue until the 25th of December. That week you will have selected the game of the year. I will also be posting my game of the year choice. Below you can find the PS3 game of the year contenders. If you would like to vote...

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MariaHelFutura2923d ago

GT5 is mine and I could care less if it`s yours.

MultiConsoleGamer2923d ago

If I had to choose I'd either go with GoW3 or GT5

Daves2923d ago

Where exactly do I get to choose and vote? Could not see it.

GT5 is my pick of the year.

kylebarreira2923d ago


you leave it in the comment section on

Dellis2923d ago

God Of War 3 will win

GT5 got to much hatred going for it

Heavy Rain could be another but come on now

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The story is too old to be commented.