Creepy Resistance Viral Spooks Media

Announced during this year’s gamescom conference, Resistance 3 stole the show, with a stunning live action trailer hinting at the game’s content. But the reveal lacked any gameplay, which we will be able to see for the first time tomorrow at the Spike TV Video Game Awards. With such a huge buzz surrounding the game, and in true Insomniac Games style, the developer has ramped up their viral marketing machine by releasing a scary image of a Grim in the wild, baffling media outlets.

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scar202748d ago

Only a few more hours to see the gameplay can't wait.

- Ghost of Sparta -2748d ago

LOL holy crap I saw this story here.

And thought WTF? Had no idea it was for Resistance 3. Wow.

doctorstrange2748d ago

I'll add that to the article

Nitrowolf22748d ago


Is that for real?
I guess anything to attract viewers right?

ijkabob2748d ago


Red_Orange_Juice2748d ago

haha good one Insomniac,

and you gotta admit they're good at making scary, ugly ass looking aliens

BBCnewsrocks2748d ago

I knew this was a resistance viral from the moment I saw it. The first thing that came to my head was those little chimera they had in the lab where they were making hybrids.

turgore2747d ago

wow thats epic. they actually fell for it lol !

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jack_burt0n2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

awesome marketing, they should have done a vid too get crazy "alien on camera" hits on youtube.

jwatt2748d ago

I think the same thing happen with my news just now but it had one with a deer.

xAlmostPro2748d ago

this resistance is gonna be epic xD

Resistance 2 kinda dropped the ball and seemed a little rushed..(still a good game though) but im loving this new, what seems like a 'survival horror fps' type thing going on xD

meh who knows? cant wait for the new info/videos from the VGA's either :)

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Sev2748d ago

That thing freaked me out. I saw it on something hunting website before I found out this had to do with Resistance.

I instantly thought it looked like a grim.

doctorstrange2748d ago

I have no idea why the daily mail thought it was for spider-man >_<

Sev2748d ago

Yeah really. Looks nothing like Spiderman.

BBCnewsrocks2746d ago

It's the Daily Mail, the collective brainpower of their readers might add up to that of a 5 year old... might.

fr0sty2748d ago

I bet they made it as a reference to this:

Forbidden_Darkness2748d ago

Hell yeah, apparently people thought it was real too and it was on NBC?

dragon822748d ago

Looks creepy as hell. I love it. :)

doctorstrange2748d ago

I love when viral marketing is done right

dragon822748d ago

They have done a great job with this series. All the viral marketing they did for Resistance 2 was great.

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