Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Takes Players to France?

GameSector writes: If a recent listing by Gamestop’s to be believed, Drake’s latest adventure may take him to France, before he ultimately ends up in the Arabian Desert. More than likely in all kinds of trouble, just as usual.

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TheBossMan2926d ago

Can't wait for the live gameplay demo on Monday night!

SaberEdge2926d ago

Me neither. I also can't wait to see the trailer at the VGAs. Naughty Dog is just one of those developers that inspire total confidence in the fact that whatever they do is going to be great.

Christopher2926d ago

Don't see why he would be headed to France. All signs point to the UK so far, though.

Red_Orange_Juice2926d ago

He shoudl stay away from modern countries anyway, He's Nathan Drake not James Bond

acky12926d ago

ha 'modern countries'

phinch2926d ago

well the uk and france do have a lot of links with history, and they are literally 45 mins away on a ferry? so it wouldnt be unreasonable

Dellis2926d ago

It's kind sad this series feels like it is being rushed

they should had done a AC:Brotherhood type of game gap

game and let Uncharted 3 be PS4 game

Now Killzone and Infamous are going to get shaft, this is

basically game of the year already on PS3.

blumatt2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

It's been a two year gap between each release, man. The first Uncharted was 2007, then U2 in 2009, and now U3 will be Dec. 2011. And, it's looking like the Assassin's Creed franchise is going to a yearly release schedule. And I wasn't the disagree.
I guarantee once we all see the sand effects in Uncharted 3, we'll be amazed once again at the power of the PS3. The games keep looking better and better. And no one give me any crap saying the usual "well the graphics are good but tha gameplay isn't." BS People say this every time a PS3 exclusive comes out. They know they can't deny the quality of the graphics so they try to say the gameplay isn't any good. It's ridiculous.

swiftshot932926d ago

Fuck man, if they can do it, and if they want to do it, then let them do it. Naughty Dog hasnt given us a reason to doubt them yet.

SaberEdge2926d ago

I hate this argument about games being milked. If a franchise is good and if the developers keep it fresh by continually raising the bar and doing new things, who wouldn't want to get as many of these games as possible?

PS3gamer4life2926d ago

idc where it takes place in i no the game go be a good ass game..cant wait man

bobrea2926d ago

Are we seriously going to have a ton of articles questioning where Drake will go? I saw one earlier today titled WILL THE NEW UNCHARTED TAKE DRAKE TO BRITAIN?? Just stop and wait for the weekend

SaberEdge2926d ago

It also seems that many of these people forget that Uncharted 3 is not going to have "a setting", but rather take you through various settings. But aside from the Arabian desert setting and possibly the France setting the rest is all speculation. We'll find out more soon enough.

RedDevils2926d ago

Drake will go to a night club that for sure :/

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