Arkham City to take place over one night?

With one night away from the eagerly anticipated VGA AC Trailer, a lot of Bat-fans are preparing for what will surely be a long and testing night. But what of our Dark Knight? A recent quote from Sefton Hill (Director of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City) in last months GamesTM article suggests that Arkham City, like it's predecessor Arkham Asylum, may take place over a single night.

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pedrami912923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

> It's still night

Meh, could care less. I'll be having way too much fun playing the game :)

El_Colombiano2923d ago

No. No. Just no. This game needs no online.

kissmeimgreek2923d ago

i mean the last one was really short... but i REALLY hope its at least ten hours!

OhReginald2923d ago

arkham asylum was definitely not short. Took me 11-12 hours first playthrough. Thats pretty long considering games like god of war 3 only took 5-6 hours for me to complete.

Sitris2923d ago

What? God of war 3 took me 12 first Time through on hard and then 8 hours on normal for collectables, arkham asylum I rented and got platinum in 10 hours. God of war had way more stuff in it then arkham did.

OhReginald2923d ago

sitris...dude, just stop. God of War 3 did NOT have more stuff than batman: arkham asylum. I know god of war 3 is a ps3 exclusive, and I love my ps3, probably more than you, but seriously just stop. Your ignorance is beyond me.

BeOneWithTheGun2923d ago


You plat'd Batman in 11 hours? You beat the game on the hardest setting, did all the challenges and got all the joker things in 11 hours? Video or it didn't happen.

IneedWeed2923d ago

GOW 3 and Batman AA are both relatively short games, but both I got 10+ hours out of, well worth buying both games. If I rushed through them it's probably 6+ hours. Games that's too long are FF XIII. I was OK with the storyline, graphics, and gameplay, but damn that game just kept dragging on, killed the whole experience for me. Now if Uncharted was 16 hours+, I'll definitely take that.

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aviator1892923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Well, it'll be a hell of a night.

LoganX2923d ago

It seems logical. If my memory serves, doesn't Batman only come out at night?

femshep2923d ago

fights all night sun comes up

batman - sorry joker can we finish this tomorrow night?
joker - sure why not?
batman - ok same bat time same bat place!

DaBadGuy2923d ago

This is apparantly the last time Mark Hamill will be voicing the Joker, forever.

It's bittersweet really, Mark Hamill has been the Joker since my childhood in Batman The Animated Series, and he's gone on to voice the Joker in other stuff too, like Justice League and even Birds of Prey I think.

He's synonymous with the character, even if it's just his voice.

I hope they give him a proper sendoff, I couldn't imagine someone taking over the role for Arkham County or whatever the next game will be called. They should do with him in this like what they did with him in The Dark Knight, have him breeze through Gotham leaving a trail of destruction in his wake, like a hurricane, and then retire the character for the duration of the series.

I hope they give him a proper sendoff and a grand finale to close the book on Mark Hamill as the Joker.

Raptura2923d ago

Why is it his last? Not like he's old or anything to be retiring..
I can't imagine a cartoon Joker without the same voice.

Sitris2923d ago

He's almost 60 seems old enough to want to retire and spend his hard earnt millions to me.

DaBadGuy2923d ago

He's not retiring from showbiz he's just done with the Joker. He said he didn't even want to voice him for Arkham City but Rocksteady persuaded him to do it.

That article is old but he's been saying the same thing, that he is done with the Joker.

He wants to go out on a high note, he wanted to go out with Arkham Asylum but they got him back for Arkham City.

I agree with you I can't imagine a cartoon Joker without Hamill's voice. I hope they don't keep going to the guy they had for The Batman cartoon who did Monkey Joker, I'm sure he's talented and all but I just didn't care for the voice.

Arup022923d ago

It will be strange if this game was at day.

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