SpikeTV VGAs Game Reveal Predictions

Tomorrow night is SpikeTV's Video Game Awards show, and everyone should be tuning in. Not for the actual award ceremony (ours will be much, much better), but for the 13 world premieres scheduled to appear at the show.

We've taken a look into our crystal ball, read our balmy palms and ran our predictions by our trusty magic 8-ball to come up with a list of what we think may be shown during the VGAs.

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doctorstrange2780d ago

This is definitely the best VGA yet, cant wait

Iceland2780d ago

Starhawk and a new Syphon Filter game would be insane.

Sev2780d ago

We'll see both eventually. But which one is coming sooner rather than later. Whichever one isn't revealed, we'll def see it at E3.

It's only a matter of time.

There's a new WipEout in the works too. Sony's got a couple new IPs being tossed around too. PS3 isn't stopping anytime soon. Each year it's getting stronger.

doctorstrange2780d ago

Each year the PS3 is getting stronger and stronger

jony_dols2780d ago

This one show has more important reveals (especially for the PS3) in several hours,
than E3 & TGS combined.

Also they are forgetting the Peace Walker announcement ( Possible PSP to PS3 upgraded port or full remake using MGS4 or Rising game engines???)

Pandemic2780d ago

Omg, I'd die if Grand Theft Auto 5 was unveiled

Daver2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

There is the new Bethesda game too that might be reveal, they said it was pretty far along in development so we might see it.

Personally, I could care less about GTA announcement I would prefer a new resident evil or Syphon Filter

wolfehound222780d ago

Can't wait to see all of the surprises, definitely would be happy if everything you predicted was true.

Cajun Chicken2780d ago

Or...the 2013 could well be Doom 4...

Sev2780d ago

Hmmm, very well could be.

Nitrowolf22780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )


those are the only games i can think of that would get such a date, maybe FF13 versus but i expect that actually in 2012, same with the Agent

and anyone else think that the next MK character could very well be the one for 360 side?

decimalator2780d ago

In continuing with their goal to squeeze every penny out of their franchises, Activision will announce that they have acquired the rights to Pong and will be making a Pong + Call of Duty + Guitar Hero game.

BigWoopMagazine2780d ago

Dude, thats an awesome theory, hahaha

PS360PCROCKS2780d ago

This sucks I'm going to miss it and I have HD Spike and i wanna see the reveals in HD. Hopefully we can get direct feed stuff online shortly after.

Hozi892780d ago

I think Gamespot will be streaming it live on their site. Maybe they will have it up soon after as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.