Gran Turismo 5 Easy Money Tutorial 3 – Mo’ Money and Hidden Trophy Guide

Yeah, it’s been a few days since Part 2 but with Part 3 we have Mo’ Money and a guide to all the Hidden Trophies!

***Note: One video is embedded but the video is part of a large guide that involves descriptions and 7 videos in all***

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jaredhart2924d ago

Except when they get caught. :P

-Mezzo-2924d ago

These guides sure are helping me out. Keep It Up.

bfenty2924d ago

Yay for cheating to get money!

PS360PCROCKS2924d ago

There is another one I'd have to look. It's the easiest track, it's 5 laps, takes like 7 minutes and nets you 50K it's in the expert series.

Cevapi882924d ago

the high end german league of cars in the extreme series gives you 59K and its the first event, you have to be level 20...

PS360PCROCKS2924d ago

very cool. i anticipate being there soon...I only get to play like an hour a day though. Frickin sucks by the time i load it, go through and find my cars or buy my cars for all the different races I do maybe one series and have to turn it off.

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