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Spong: Gran Turismo 5 Review

Spong: "After all this time waiting I finally got to play Gran Turismo 5 at home. From what I’d read during its protracted five-year development period, Gran Turismo 5 would be just like its predecessors; a magnum opus of cars, licences, cups and car tuning.

I would be treated to a veritable orgy of vehicles modelled and researched to an almost anal level of detail to deliver “the real driving simulator.” Bearing in mind this is something that I’d been promised since getting to grips with the first game back in 1997. Fifth time lucky, maybe?" (Gran Turismo 5, PS3) 72/100

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Vesemir  +   1763d ago
Who cares by now ?? 5.5 million copies sold only in 12 days.
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The Maxx  +   1763d ago
*caugh* shipped *caugh*
Vesemir  +   1763d ago
Same *shit* caugh caugh caugh

Disagree indeed. You don't know much about racing games, guy below me.

Yes it is the same shit and nothing that you say will change that.

You can pull your hair off for all I care.
It still sold 5.5m units.
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SMOK3xFFx  +   1763d ago
@The Maxx & Vesemir

cough cough cough


caugh caugh caugh


Also it's not the same sh!t.

EDIT: Article on sold vs shipped (Move vs Kinect, but still valid)

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BattleAxe  +   1763d ago
Looks like another Cornholio site.
ElementX  +   1763d ago
LMAO *caugh* LOL that's golden! Poor grammar at its finest!
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Trizard  +   1763d ago
According to the Sony mantra, sales don't matter, quality games do. That what all PS3 owners have been saying since the recent charts and such. This is an honest and genuine review and a good one at that. I know I am going to get disagrees but this reviewer definitely played the game and was frustrated with it.
el zorro  +   1763d ago
If sales are low then brag about metacritic scores. If metacritic scores aren't high enough brag about sales. PS3 fanboys are only against sales numbers when they don't favor the PS3. It's obvious they love touting them when they do favor the PS3.
onanie  +   1763d ago
Just curious, what made this review "honest and genuine", other than the fact that it gave a score YOU so desperately wanted GT5 to receive?

Have you played GT5 enough to form an *honest* opinion about the game, one that would afford you the claim that this is an "honest" review? I guess not.
TerrorCell  +   1762d ago
You know I think gt5 is behind the times but even this score is too low it's a solid game just not definitive at least an 85 but probably closer to 90
likedamaster  +   1763d ago
"Who cares by now ??"

Watching fanboys rage over a low score review never gets old.
Dee_91  +   1763d ago
this review .. im lost for words
this beyond nitpicking
he made every little thing HUGE
he made 5-20 seconds loading time seem like hours

its soo weird that when i FIRST put GT5 in my ps3 ... i was racing in a dodge challenger on Rome within 10 mins ... this is just sad right now ....
Maddens Raiders  +   1763d ago
Love this game -
like all GT's before it. 50 gold medals so far!
Abriael  +   1763d ago
I'm more amazed by the fact that someone still gives this kind of attention whoring reviews some free hits. When will people learn?

I'm kinda glad the site i write on doesn't give scores. Bet my upcoming GT5 review won't get half as many hits as this crap, but at least people reading it will do so because it's a good read, not because I whored for attention with an outrageous score.
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Daves  +   1762d ago
Well said, bubbles.
Chug  +   1763d ago
A no name website jumps on the bandwagon and gives GT5...a...72/100???

****Jumps out window****
Kon_Artist  +   1763d ago
i love how i never heard of most of these websites.
Maddens Raiders  +   1762d ago
well I love getting a disagree for stating that I love the game and have medals.. lmfao only @ our beloved n4g...
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josephayal  +   1763d ago
def the best racing sim in any console
ScentlessApprentice7  +   1763d ago
"I would be treated to a veritable orgy of vehicles modelled and researched to an almost anal level of detail to deliver “the real driving simulator. Bearing in mind this is something that I’d been promised since getting to grips with the first game back in 1997"

Can the author name any other game that comes through and achieves that "promise" that was supposedly made to him over 13 years ago?

What else does he want??? To have the actual smell of gasoline to permeate through the air while he plays???

To actually have the ability to suffer from whiplash when he crashes into a wall in the game???

To actually be required by law to purchase auto insurance for every car that he purchases within the game?

The author is really sounds like just some arrogant prick who can't be satisfied.
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kaveti6616  +   1763d ago
straw man argument.

Don't pick apart a single statement from the review and attack the entire review based on a single statement.
Dee_91  +   1763d ago
its just sad really ....

"To move to the next licence test you have to click right seven times and then press X. "

lol IM JK
obvious troll is obvious
i must give it credit because he had me going lol
ScentlessApprentice7  +   1763d ago
Always the same opening with these B.S. negative reviews:
"After all this time waiting..."

"From what I’d read during its protracted five-year development period..."

Were they all waiting on their tippy-toes the whole damn time for Gran Turismo 5? and now that the game isn't that damn miraculous that it makes the holder of a copy of the game instantly climax on themselves, it is immediately a bad game.

After all that damn time in development, you would think the game would immediately increase a person's ability to get laid by at least 40%. but alas, it doesn't, so Gran Turismo 5 is underwhelming.
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onanie  +   1763d ago
indeed, it seems a great injustice has been done onto them when Kaz took his time to develop his game.
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thebudgetgamer  +   1763d ago
i was gonna go with game informers nine,
but spong is clearly the one to go to for reviews because i totaly heard of them.
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el zorro  +   1763d ago
I agree, there is no reason to necessarily listen to this review more than any other review. I think if you are interested in possibly getting the game it would be a good idead to try to read a few different reviews, both positive and negative, to help you read between the lines and figure out if it is a game that you might enjoy.
thebudgetgamer  +   1763d ago
i agree
jp_footy2  +   1763d ago
"After all this time waiting I finally got to play Gran Turismo 5 at home. From what I’d read during its protracted five-year development period..."

What does how long it took to make have to do with the actual game?

Review the GAME. Not the GAME + how long it took to make.

It's absolutely ridiculous, reviewers are knocking off points because of the development time.
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Skadoosh  +   1763d ago | Well said
Sad sony fanboys. So now the entire gaming media is biased against sony, right? Everybody is against GT5, right? Could it be that they're not fanboys like yourselves and doesn't give sony games perfect scores like you wish? Why do you refuse to ignore all the flaws that Gt5 comes with? What part of 200 cars are premium ps3 worthy AND 800 ARE PORTED DIRECTLY FROM THE PS2 WITH LIMITED EVERYTHING? Why ignore the horrible crash physics? Why ignore the weak AI? Why ignore the inconsistent poor graphics? How many patches has the game already had?

Stop the excuses. This game deserves it's low scores. Plain and simple, the game wasn't ready to come out.

EDIT> LMAO! You guys really are pathetic. Yes, every single gaming journalist met up at a dark alley in Arkham wearing black suits plotting an evil plan to sink GT5. Pathetic! Go ahead and keep ignoring the laundry list of flaws. The majority have spoken. GT5 sucks.
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thebudgetgamer  +   1763d ago
bitter much


edit: i'll take this review


over spong thank you very much.

i get it though no matter the scores you would still trash it.

perhaps you should take the ska out of your name.
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Sez  +   1763d ago
Well other then Alan wake. None of the games you mentioned before you edited your comment was hyped for 5 years and is established franchise since ps1. I have GT5 (A spec 18, B spec 8) and can agree with many of the reviews for GT5. It's far from a perfect game and the fact review are calling it out on it's flaws is why people are so upset.

When Alan wake got low scores there was no article saying why reviewers are bias or 360 fanboys crying that is some kind of conspiracy or hate towards MS. No one is bias against Sony. Maybe just maybe if all these reviewers are complaining about the same issue in each and every review. Then maybe, just maybe there really is a problem with the game.

PSN: Hannibal1275
360: B A Baracus 75
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thebudgetgamer  +   1763d ago
like too human
i bet he would still deffend that game

i do agree with the gist of your post though

perhaps i came off like a conspiracy nut, and for that i apologize.

psn: GoldenBuns
gt: golden bunz
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Sez  +   1763d ago
"Like Too Haman" I guess I could say " Like Haze"
onanie  +   1763d ago

I'd give you a bubble just to hear what you'd say, but alas...
jukins  +   1763d ago
play it yourself and stop getting all your info from reviews and you can see why ppl are getting upset.
Sez  +   1763d ago
You know if a lot of people used that same logic when it comes to all games/consoles. You would have a lot less people bashing games/systems. If people actually played kinect instead of bashing it. There would be less hate for it
#10.3.1 (Edited 1763d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report
saint_john_paul_ii  +   1763d ago
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PirateThom  +   1763d ago
Jesus, no one is ignoring the flaws but, damn, some reviewers definitely ignored the overall game.

AI? Already disproven by a single video.
Crash physics? Already shown to be progressive, race cars and rally cars obviously get more damage than road vehicles, but welcome to the same issue every other game ever has had.
Standard cars? Don't use them if you don't like them, still over 200 premium cars there. Consider it a "bonus", still have the tuning and aero upgrades as regular cars.

So there's most of your list debunked anyway. You've fallen into the same trap reviewers did. YOU DIDN'T PLAY THE DAMN GAME.

Edit: As for patches, it's had 3. You're complaining about flaws and then asking how many patches it's had? I am baffled... which is it?
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callahan09  +   1763d ago
It's astonishing to me that you have nearly as many disagrees as agrees. That you have any at all, in fact.
TerrorCell  +   1762d ago
Sony themselves stated crash physics don't change. Or do you guys know something that they don't
Biggest  +   1762d ago
Road cars and race cars damage differently in real life. You're confusing PirateThom's comment with the "full damage at level 40" stuff. Race cars and rally cars are built to fall apart in a way that wouldn't make sense for road cars.
Koolno  +   1763d ago
"Why ignore the horrible crash physics? Why ignore the weak AI? Why ignore the inconsistent poor graphics? How many patches has the game already had?"

it's scary to see blind fanboyz ignoring the truth, when people are making videos (AI, crash) to really inform them : all you said it's better on gt5 than anything else on your console, it's just fact, and don't act like if most of the reviews are negatives, even if you are only interested by this kind of review.

they probably prefer the propaganda videos from others fanboyz :)
Abriael  +   1763d ago
Funny. The video you're talking about has just been debunked rather brutally.

Abriael  +   1763d ago
You mean the majority of the ones actually playing and loving it? Or some wannabe journalists that know that giving low scores and getting to a level of nitpicking nearing stupidity on a game like gran turismo will bring them lots of hits?

Come on. The "gaming press" has lost so much credibility lately (much before Gran Turismo) that it's not even a viable argument anymore.
poindat  +   1763d ago
So basically...
...This guy came into the thing with overblown expectations in the first place. That violates a vital rule of journalism and reviewing; this man was not fit in any way to review this game. Or any game seeing as how he lets personal feelings of injustices get to him.

And before anyone says "lolz u just mad cuz he dint not score it well lolz," I couldn't care less what the score is. What matters is the integrity of the review, and good or bad, this review entirely lacks it. End of story.

I'm sick of the dribble that passes for gaming journalism.
jp_footy2  +   1763d ago
If it took 3 months to make it would get higher scores even if it was the same game. How ridiculous is that?
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Pipebomb  +   1763d ago
5.5 million and counting.
GenericUserName  +   1763d ago
You're counting shipment? Great for you
Blaine  +   1763d ago
Four pages of this garbage? This guy needs to learn how to REVIEW a game, rather than BLOG about it.

"Even with the balked multi-player experience as it stands, people are still prepared to stick with it. I decided not to join them; turns out I didn’t have the right car anyway." If people are willing, and happy, to put up with it, maybe the problem is YOU?
sleepy3  +   1763d ago
Just cause people put up with something doesn't ean its good.

people put up with George W for 8 years.....How would you review his presidency?
ambientFLIER  +   1762d ago
Actually it's a long, well-written, and informative review. If he posted 4 paragraphs, you'd be crying about it being too short. You just don't like the score....crybaby.
Blaine  +   1762d ago
"long, well-written, and informative review"??

It's a blog. A personal experience. In NO WAY a proper review.

And without a proper scale, and with the variety of content being rated without proper grading guidelines, scores are meaningless.
ambientFLIER  +   1762d ago
A personal experience is not a review? Lol. So people on professional websites like ign and gamespot don't review games based on personal experiences with the title? Interesting...

As I said, you just don't like the score. If it had been a 10/10 you'd be praising it. He just happens to lay it out in a different format than other sites.
#13.2.2 (Edited 1762d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Blaine  +   1762d ago
I don't care WHERE the review is from. If it's a blog, I'll call it out. I re-read IGN's review of MAG, and it was garbage. Author's main issues with the game were: "I suck" and "I don't like Domination". Does that sound like a review to you?

Here is what these very same phrases should have been, in a proper review:

"The learning curve in the game is quite steep, and the skill required above that required by your average shooter. Because of this people new to the genre might find it more difficult to be competitive and may enjoy the title less. Those very familiar with the genre, however, will love the amount of skill the game demands of its players."


"Domination is the biggest of the game modes and, as such, is more impersonal than the others. Some will love being part of a gigantic warzone, especially with the amount of explosions and strikes going off all the time in the sky. Don't expect to be a one-man army and lead your team to victory, though--it takes a coordinated effort from many squads to turn the tide in this game mode. Those who strive for a game which requires tactical squad-teamwork will love accomplishing the numerous objectives the game mode offers. On the other hand, those players who expected the mode to play out like storming the beaches of Normandy will likely be disappointed, because the way the maps are setup you aren't likely to face more than a handful of squads at once."

Pros and cons, unbiased, objective. A review. Not a blog.

Hell, not to mention IGN is known by most users of this site as IGNorant because of their reviews, and one of Gamespot's reviewers caused controversy when it was discovered he took bribes for his reviews. Yeah... Great review sites you named there.
#13.2.3 (Edited 1762d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
ambientFLIER  +   1761d ago
Actually, ign is known as ignorant because a sony fanboy didn't like a review score and every other douchebag jumped on the bashing bandwagon. The specific sites don't even matter, I was just making an example.
Bathyj  +   1763d ago
"After all this time waiting"

Ive heard enough.

Y'know, maybe its NOT a conspiracy. Maybe these people just suck at their jobs.
Motorola  +   1763d ago
What is Spong?
Bathyj  +   1763d ago
A contraceptive device Elaine used on Seinfeld.
mt  +   1763d ago
even spongebob gets to review game..
tablav  +   1763d ago

I remember when 72/100 would have been considered a good score. Now, if a game scores less that 85, people either go crazy defending what is still a good score or won't play it because apparently less than 85 means it sucks...

...Damn you, reviewers...you're ruining games for the gamers and only serving to make the fanboy wars worse.
thebudgetgamer  +   1763d ago
n4g where 85 out of 100 is bad.
Koolno  +   1763d ago
I'm sure you can't find skadoosh and other fanboys on examiner, mygaming, worthplaying, and others 9 to 10 reviews :)
HellzAssassin  +   1763d ago
"To move to the next licence test you have to click right seven times and then press X." - Taken from in the article

Hahaha, WOW!!!!! Just fucking wow O_O
Finalfantasykid  +   1762d ago
That is one of the worst reviews I have ever read.

First of all they posted screenshots from Gran Turismo HD not once but twice, so I'm not sure what that is about.

Then he goes on to say this:

"Whilst in real-life I’ve had a Ford Mondeo fish-tailing on a dirt track in New Zealand under heavy breaking and I’ve had some dicey moments on snow and ice in Yorkshire, I’ve yet to experience that type of behavior on bone-dry tarmac."

Chances are, he wasn't driving something like a 700hp Lamborghini whilst traveling at 300km/h. Try braking in real life at those speeds with that beast and not spin out of control.

Overall it seems like the author just simply doesn't like any simulator driving. He even says multiple times that he really hasn't liked any of the GT games.
#21 (Edited 1762d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
ambientFLIER  +   1762d ago
Why would the power of a car matter when somebody is talking about fishtailing under heavy braking? Why would you spin out????
XTerminator  +   1762d ago
Yet another bribed reviewer tsk tsk
Daves  +   1762d ago
None of this matter, there is no better 'driving' experience than GT5.
Daves  +   1762d ago
and I'll never be visiting spong again... got as fsr as pg1 and closed, the review was a joke. So many contradictions.

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