Spong: Gran Turismo 5 Review

Spong: "After all this time waiting I finally got to play Gran Turismo 5 at home. From what I’d read during its protracted five-year development period, Gran Turismo 5 would be just like its predecessors; a magnum opus of cars, licences, cups and car tuning.

I would be treated to a veritable orgy of vehicles modelled and researched to an almost anal level of detail to deliver “the real driving simulator.” Bearing in mind this is something that I’d been promised since getting to grips with the first game back in 1997. Fifth time lucky, maybe?"

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Vesemir2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Who cares by now ?? 5.5 million copies sold only in 12 days.

Vesemir2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Same *shit* caugh caugh caugh

Disagree indeed. You don't know much about racing games, guy below me.

Yes it is the same shit and nothing that you say will change that.

You can pull your hair off for all I care.
It still sold 5.5m units.

SMOK3xFFx2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

@The Maxx & Vesemir

cough cough cough


caugh caugh caugh


Also it's not the same sh!t.

EDIT: Article on sold vs shipped (Move vs Kinect, but still valid)

BattleAxe2927d ago

Looks like another Cornholio site.

ElementX2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

LMAO *caugh* LOL that's golden! Poor grammar at its finest!

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Trizard2927d ago

According to the Sony mantra, sales don't matter, quality games do. That what all PS3 owners have been saying since the recent charts and such. This is an honest and genuine review and a good one at that. I know I am going to get disagrees but this reviewer definitely played the game and was frustrated with it.

el zorro2927d ago

If sales are low then brag about metacritic scores. If metacritic scores aren't high enough brag about sales. PS3 fanboys are only against sales numbers when they don't favor the PS3. It's obvious they love touting them when they do favor the PS3.

onanie2927d ago

Just curious, what made this review "honest and genuine", other than the fact that it gave a score YOU so desperately wanted GT5 to receive?

Have you played GT5 enough to form an *honest* opinion about the game, one that would afford you the claim that this is an "honest" review? I guess not.

TerrorCell2927d ago

You know I think gt5 is behind the times but even this score is too low it's a solid game just not definitive at least an 85 but probably closer to 90

likedamaster2927d ago

"Who cares by now ??"

Watching fanboys rage over a low score review never gets old.

Dee_912927d ago

this review .. im lost for words
this beyond nitpicking
he made every little thing HUGE
he made 5-20 seconds loading time seem like hours

its soo weird that when i FIRST put GT5 in my ps3 ... i was racing in a dodge challenger on Rome within 10 mins ... this is just sad right now ....

Maddens Raiders2927d ago

like all GT's before it. 50 gold medals so far!

Abriael2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

I'm more amazed by the fact that someone still gives this kind of attention whoring reviews some free hits. When will people learn?

I'm kinda glad the site i write on doesn't give scores. Bet my upcoming GT5 review won't get half as many hits as this crap, but at least people reading it will do so because it's a good read, not because I whored for attention with an outrageous score.

Chug2927d ago

A no name website jumps on the bandwagon and gives GT5...a...72/100???

****Jumps out window****

Kon_Artist 2927d ago

i love how i never heard of most of these websites.

Maddens Raiders2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

well I love getting a disagree for stating that I love the game and have medals.. lmfao only @ our beloved n4g...

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josephayal2927d ago

def the best racing sim in any console

ScentlessApprentice72927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

"I would be treated to a veritable orgy of vehicles modelled and researched to an almost anal level of detail to deliver “the real driving simulator. Bearing in mind this is something that I’d been promised since getting to grips with the first game back in 1997"

Can the author name any other game that comes through and achieves that "promise" that was supposedly made to him over 13 years ago?

What else does he want??? To have the actual smell of gasoline to permeate through the air while he plays???

To actually have the ability to suffer from whiplash when he crashes into a wall in the game???

To actually be required by law to purchase auto insurance for every car that he purchases within the game?

The author is really sounds like just some arrogant prick who can't be satisfied.

kaveti66162927d ago

straw man argument.

Don't pick apart a single statement from the review and attack the entire review based on a single statement.

Dee_912927d ago

its just sad really ....

"To move to the next licence test you have to click right seven times and then press X. "

lol IM JK
obvious troll is obvious
i must give it credit because he had me going lol

ScentlessApprentice72927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

"After all this time waiting..."

"From what I’d read during its protracted five-year development period..."

Were they all waiting on their tippy-toes the whole damn time for Gran Turismo 5? and now that the game isn't that damn miraculous that it makes the holder of a copy of the game instantly climax on themselves, it is immediately a bad game.

After all that damn time in development, you would think the game would immediately increase a person's ability to get laid by at least 40%. but alas, it doesn't, so Gran Turismo 5 is underwhelming.

onanie2927d ago

indeed, it seems a great injustice has been done onto them when Kaz took his time to develop his game.

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