ShockCast Episode 42 - "Video Game Addiction is a Myth"

DualShockers writes: "Hello again, and welcome to another addition of the ShockCast. This week things got a little hectic (due to some Sony event goodness) but we still managed to make sure that we delivered this episode to you all. For our first main topic, we discuss gaming addictions and why we believe it’s a myth. The topic came to us after we read a response blog post by Leigh Alexander where she fought the claims made by a report on the BBC about video game addiction. While her post was great we wanted to add our own thoughts and spin on the subject. For our second segment we discuss the decline of the handheld and the rise of mobile gaming. Is it happening? And how soon should we throw away our DS? For the third topic, UNCHARTED 3… ’nuff said. We top it all of with some tidbits from our Sony event. All in all another great show in the bank, make sure to give this week’s episode a listen!"

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Ninferno2928d ago

it doesnt explain my addiction! lol jk... great podcast

thevokillist2928d ago

I can quit at any time... lol

Danl2928d ago

I was gonna listen to this, but I was too busy grinding my Worgen Priest to level 80 in 25 hours. What's it about?

JohnColaw2928d ago

Too busy getting bandages in Super Meat Boy, I'll listen later...

allenhpark2928d ago

I would've been on this cast, but Super Crate Box was owning my soul all day.