Sony Goodies You're Not Famous Enough to Own

DualShockers writes: "Yesterday, our very own Joel Taveras and Al Zamora attended a Sony event in New York City and caught eye of some pretty snazzy goodies that they had laying out and showing off to those in attendance. Check out the video after the break of our discussion with SCEA Public Relations Director Ron Eagle about some cool laser etching they are doing to various products, including Nike shoes and PlayStation 3 systems. You want one? Too bad, you can’t have one (yet)."

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JohnColaw2844d ago

That's some crazy stuff.

rockleex2843d ago

I want those Move shoes!!! :O

Ninferno2844d ago

man... those kicks look crazy!

rebirthofcaos2844d ago

wow... I would kill for the killzone 3 ps3,well any way will go and get it, as soon a I know who to kill.

thevokillist2844d ago

I want to date that PS3 system, I wonder if she's available...

Mmmkay2843d ago

must be hard having a blu-ray shaped dick.

Forbidden_Darkness2843d ago


Atleast we know he's hard for that PS3 ;)

+Bubbles for you

rambonz2844d ago

if he says ummmm one more time.....

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The story is too old to be commented.