Deus Ex Human Revolution Using Kinect For Xbox 360 Version

Gaming Blend "...some rumors have some backbone to them and Deus Ex: Human Revolution using Kinect is one of those rumors. The latest director’s cut cinematic trailer reveals something very, very interesting that goes against what one of the producers said they wouldn’t be doing for the game."

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Cevapi882929d ago

i dont understand how it would work seeing as how this is a you would have your controller in your hands at all times

cyguration2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Rumors circulated before about Halo using Kinect, and Gears 3 using Kinect in limited roles....such as throwing your arm to toss a grenade or putting up your hand to interact with consoles/keyboards/etc.

The game is a mixed third-person/first-person title so it's possible that Kinect could work if used correctly. Especially for some of the melee combat.

@Cevapi88: I wouldn't begin to understand how it works either but I'm sure Microsoft and Eidos have already worked something out. It could be something really infinitesimal, though, but who knows.

Cevapi882929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

well then the whole mantra that "you are the controller" wouldnt make sense with a game like Deus Ex 3

i wouldnt mind seeing it in a game such as this...i just want to know how Kinect would know when to start tracking you since this would happen somewhere mid-game...i dont think that it would be seamless since you would have to be scanned, you'd have to stand up, put the controller down and then start with the game again

im sure devs have been working on me thinking that it would be this cumbersome is just my idea since we havent seen a game do this before

kaveti66162929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

"well then the whole mantra that "you are the controller" wouldnt make sense with a game like Deus Ex 3"

That's your main concern? If they manage to make a game that uses Kinect in some capacity but still has the standard controller for main gameplay, would your main concern be that it was false advertising?

This is a common point used against Kinect. And, not to insult you, but it's a pretty retarded, irrelevant thing to say. Why would anyone give a shit about the "mantra" if they can play the game and use kinect for some things? Would they complain? It's not a big deal, but I understand some people just want to find anything to criticize.

Edit: @below
"Everyone that cares about Deus Ex doesn't care about Kinect. Everyone that cares about Deus Ex doesn't care about the PSEye."

Do you see how your statement is illogical?

Biggest2929d ago

I don't see the allure of adding a camera to a controller based game. I hope they're intelligent enough to make the full game without Kinect in mind. Everyone that cares about Deus Ex doesn't care about Kinect. Everyone that cares about Deus Ex doesn't care about the PSEye. Don't change the game to accomodate the camera use.

ArmrdChaos2929d ago

Where in the statement did it say you would be forced to use any motion control? I am sure it would be an option for those who wish to try. The developers are not going to limit their user base by requiring kinect.

Cevapi882929d ago're gonna call the whole "Youre a controller" bit retarded but use the argument against me...its MS that came up with it not me...if its retarded then go after MS and their $500 million budget that kept driving that quote in every advertisement that they have put out

and im not criticizing, im just making a point...where in my comments did i go after Kinect calling it TEH LAG FEST, or a $150 eye toy rip off...calm down, i didnt mean to hurt your feelings

JokesOnYou2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

"i dont understand how it would work seeing as how this is a FPS"

-I don't know but maybe thats why you are just another random guy on the internet reading about kinect, instead of creating games for kinect, lol....but thats OK I'm just another random guy wondering what will be kinects first truly great game, I have some ideas but I don't know much about coding, etc and all the hardwork involved in the process to make a great game myself. So here we are just 2 random guys on the interenet with nothing to offer but our comments.

-lol, so they advertised "you are the controller" and if they make a great game that uses both a standard controller & kinect, absolutely nobody will care as long as its a good game(except of course fanboys, who once again are irrevelant anyway), advertising means very little, its just a hook, company's are allowed to be versatile and do MORE than they advertise right?

DaCajun2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Wow seriously that is the basis for why they think Kinect will be used in the game Deus Ex: Revolution? Then they are bigger fanboy idiots than I thought. I guess the game Homefront and Two Worlds 2, will use Kinect also since it is at the end of it's trailer also mentions Kinect in the trademark legal blurb. I seriously doubt either of those games have Kinect being used in it.

I could find more if I look but why?

Obviously anyone with half a brain and not any kind of fanboy could see it was just a generic trademark disclosures for legal purposes covering all bases. Just the rabid fanboys are so blinded by the stupid imaginary console wars to even see it for what it is.

Please stop with the BS fanboy console war rumors trying to one up each other with BS like this and report real gaming news.

Cevapi882928d ago

can all of you be anymore oversensitive about a piece of technology...i didnt even bash the damn thing, just giving my opinion on how it might work and you go around and go after my imagination/intelligence

saying something thats even neutral can piss off my my...sad day

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MariaHelFutura2929d ago

Interesting. But I don`t see how it would work smoothly.

GenericUserName2929d ago

Fortunately developers aren't limited by your imagination

Christopher2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Unfortunately, they are limited by technology. There's a lot of neat ideas being presented by some individuals, but combining Kinect processing with an already intensive game like Deus Ex? Not sure they'd focus so much on trying to make that work rather than adding elements that affect all users across all platforms.

Can definitely see Kinect being an alternative for use when doing mini-games. Wonder if Microsoft is packaging code for this sort of stuff, though, for fast implementation. They could create a wide selection of pre-defined code elements for some basic motion detection (think mini-games like from Mass Effect and Alpha Protocol).

aviator1892929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

It might just be used for subtle or small actions such as looking around the corner or kinect might just track your head movements and move the screen in the direction your eyes or your head might be moving.
If they do have this, I hope it's just an optional setting.

IronFistChinMi2929d ago

Well it has to be optional, seeing as not every 360 owner has Kinect.

2929d ago
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TheColbertinator2929d ago

I hope we get Minority Report style hacking in Deus Ex HR.That would convince me to get Kinect

BlackKnight2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Thank you. Glad someone else thought this would be cool.

I have no real interest in kinect or move. But I DID think what would be cool is if kinect was used to hack or mess with computers in Deus Ex. Just put your controller on your lap once you select a computer or terminal in game, use your hands to do a hacking minigame, then change cameras, change turret settings, browse emails for passwords or information about a vent or something. That could be cool and immersive. And no worries about the lag issue since browsing isn't going to be bothered with some minor delay unlike gunfights.

Still will probably get it for PC though.

Stealth20k2929d ago

kinect is nothing but a waste of 150 dollars

ps3 the best version confirmed

BlmThug2929d ago

How Is PS3 Version Best, Please Explain

Ducky2929d ago

The one bubble is enough explanation.

BlmThug2929d ago

Actually PC Will Be Best Because Its Gonna Have Better Graphics, Custom Mods, More FPS, Dedicated Servers

Pandamobile2929d ago

It's a single player game, but...

DX11 graphics :3

cyguration2929d ago

Most games this generation have been ported to PC from the 360, and most DON'T support mods.

I wouldn't hold my breath after the epic fails of Saints Row 2, Stranglehold and GTA IV being hot messes on PC.


god i hate mods... i just don't like them D:

cb4g2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Perfect platform for a game that is not dumbed down.

As for kinect, it's not going to happen, but, if the developers are going to mess around with motion controllers for a game like Deus Ex then they can get stuffed.

Deus Ex fans do not want this.

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GenericUserName2929d ago

Well at least there won't be any foliage so ps3 version is safe from ridicule at the very least

wwm0nkey2929d ago

Pretty sure PC version is the best version :D

Xfanboy2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

dx11 & full HD = PC best version

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Mista T2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

perhaps hacking computers in the game you can move the curser with your hand. thats about all i can think of. everything else would be unneccesary

just coming up with ideas here, Kinect is kinda lame though

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