Should Capcom go with realistic graphics in Street Fighter 5?

From Paul Gale Network: "Capcom went a long time before updating the Street Fighter series and with SF4 came a brand new look. Gone were hand drawn animation and sprites and in were 3D polygons and advanced camera angles that made the game look modern while keeping the gameplay old school.

The question for Capcom now is, what’s next?"

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halojane92926d ago

Just keep Street Fighter in 2D gameplay and I'm happy. Really nice artwork though.

PoopyTheMac2926d ago

Is it just me or can you really tell the difference between the normal characters and those in this artwork? Except Dhalism he looks scary drawn like that!

Masamori Sumimura2926d ago

This is old and I dont want my Japanese animated style characters changing into Realistic characters. Keep the japanese stuff japanese.

TonykomatMK2926d ago

Realistic visuals need to stay in Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter has always been better suited for cartoon-like visuals. These graphics however in this story are realistic enough but still in a cartoon-like manner. I'd go for them.

OldSchoolGamer32926d ago

The last thing I'd ever want is a free for all SF game. That would be the biggest slap in the face ever that Capcom could give me.

TekkenSmithMachine2926d ago

Well you know that Namco is doing with with Tekken X Street Fighter right? No more Hadouken spammers!

KellyKellyWWE202926d ago

Ryu's hair just reminds me of whenever some fan dresses up like him and can't get the headband thing right, lol. And why is it that Abel and Ryu have the same exact face/mouth positioning?

Jackojwang2926d ago

I think Capcom should go realistic with SF5 and to the dude that reported this all you have to do is READ the article and see that even though it uses artwork that's not new, it in fact is NEW and talks about why Capcom should possibly use realistic graphics.

SurfnUSA2926d ago

Thank you. All people need to do is read like you said. It's a site's opinion that's all.

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