The Conquest of Two Worlds: Part 2

Matt and Ryan of continue their exciting play-through of Two Worlds. This is part 2 of many more to come as they strive to complete this giant game while providing commentary along the way.

This is just the second episode of the series, so they tuned to as new videos will be released on a regular basis.

The Conquest series has the members of recording a entire play-through of whichever game they see fit. This time around, it's all about Two Worlds

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TWIXMIX2926d ago

Episode 2! Enjoy everyone.

Keep giving is feedback, it's helping a bunch so far.

tinydancer2926d ago

I've been following your site and the series so far. Awesome as always. Keep it up!

Good job on increasing the game volume this time too.

MountainMaverick2926d ago

Good stuff so far. I'm really liking this video series! Keep it up.

cheese2926d ago

I'm glad someone is playing this so that I don't have to.

TWIXMIX2926d ago

Consider yourself lucky. haha

Apocwhen2926d ago

Have been playing the 2nd one on PS3 for a couple hours now. It's good but there are some small problems with the dialogue. Sometimes they cut off about half a second before the person has finished saying a word and the next character comes in.

TWIXMIX2925d ago

Ya, I hear there are still issues. But, I also read that it's definitely a better game.

aPerson2925d ago

It's an amazing game. Possibly the best RPG I've played.

TWIXMIX2925d ago

I can't reply to your comment aPerson so I'll reply here.

It's good to hear it's great. This one has disappointed me so far, but it's great to hear that #2 is actually good. It's always good to have more great RPGs to play.