Rumor: L.A. Noire Coming April 5th

Hooked Gamers writes: "Received an e-mail from Amazon a short while ago that one of my orders had been updated to reflect a new release/delivery date. According to the internet megastore, 'The release date for the video game listed below has been changed by the publisher...' Rockstar has yet to announce an official release date for the game, saying only that it's coming in Q2 2011."

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jay22927d ago

Maybe tomorrow for a release date annoucment?

Commander_TK2927d ago

Not a bad release date. About 2 weeks b4 my bday

MAJ0R2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

release in April just like RDR first release date... makes sense

Ahasverus2927d ago

I guess Rockstar liked RDR release date, it was good I think, not too packed, not to barren, good.

RememberThe3572927d ago

I don't think so. I thought Max Payne would be coming around that time. Unless RockStar is going to drop Agent for the fall I'd expect them to hold a game this big until then. But you never know, the sooner the better.

MaxOpower2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

That makes no sens. Have you seen the R* newswire:

It's "constantly" updated with previews, new screenshots and other news. It would make no sens for them to release Max Payne before LA.Noire.

RememberThe3572927d ago

That link doesn't really prove your point. Are you saying that there is more new stuff about LA Noire than Max Payne so you expect LA Noire sooner?

The only reason I expected Max Payne sooner is because they showed it of long before LA Noire.

MaxOpower2927d ago

"That link doesn't really prove your point. Are you saying that there is more new stuff about LA Noire than Max Payne so you expect LA Noire sooner? "

yes that is exactly what I'm saying. Look the did the exact same thing a year ago, but back then it was RDR.

It would make no sens if R* was hyping LA:N, but ignoring MP3 and then releasing it. Then no one will know of the game, and no one will buy it.

You really don't have to be a marketing genius to see this.

RememberThe3572926d ago

Thats a good point. I had forgotten how they hyped MP3 before it got delayed. I haven't seen anything from it since the Game Informer story. I see what your saying now.

showtimefolks2927d ago

its been in devolpment for over 5 years now if i am not wrong it was sony's IP before they gave the control to RS for agent

Thecraft19892927d ago

Max payne was delayed to end next year was not ?

showtimefolks2927d ago

i believe we will see agent,la:n and max payne 3 this year

the reason take-2 ceo said he want faster dev time but still quality a
Mp3 and lan:n for sure

agent i have a feeling we will see the trailer tomorrow at vga's

at e3 announcing a game is hype from media gaming but at vga's its everyone even people who know nothing about games

vga's in a few years will become the main place to announce your stuff them show that at E3

swiftshot932927d ago

Nice, cant wait to play it in May.

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