Mushroom Wars Goes Online

An online multiplayer add-on pack for Creat Studios Mushroom Wars will be out next week on the EU PlayStation Store

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pangitkqb2930d ago

Hell yes! This is a great tactical game and all it has been missing is an online component. Good news.

Christopher2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

I can't typically play online tactical games, everyone in my family always gangs up on me first. Same thing they do when we play competitive board or card games.

ThanatosDMC2930d ago

Finally! I'll buy this when it comes out. Liked the demo but not as good as Comet Crashers but that's a different game.

fucadastates2930d ago

so sad its so late to get online.. hoping for aloat of people will play it online. hoping for MW2!


this game was AWESOME! I got It for free on PLAYSTATION PLUS and its really a stratigy tower defense game that is fun really a cheap game with great replayability... it has a little big planet feel and I like that!