Gran Turismo 5 sells 2.9 millions WW write "Sony announced that Gran Turismo 5 shipped 5.5 millions worldwide. Effective Sales? 2.9 millions!"


Wrong Types News - it's not official numbers. Thanks user: Brutallyhonest.

About Sony Official Numbers - Sell-in means Shipped in marketing language: Selling-In
the process of educating the salesforce and distributors to sell a new product as part of the preparation for its launch; the development of sales kits, briefings on the target market and competition, and outlining the organisation's plans to create consumer demand may be involved. See Commercialisation; New Product Development.

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Shazz2922d ago

2.9 million is brilliant sales when you put it against competition games in that genre , should be at 4 mill come january

zootang2922d ago

So people are to believe a no name site and not Sonys official press release?

poopoojames2922d ago

more like 5m lifetime at this rate

Ginbe2922d ago ShowReplies(6)
Bigpappy2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Sony needs to stop play games with the numbers. No one wants to know how many were shipped to retail. Just release the sales #'s or don't say anything at all. They are confusing the heck out of me.

jack_burt0n2922d ago

And approving something from a site that is trying to pass itself off as an official blog helps.......

Come on mate.

ComboBreaker2922d ago

"Sony needs to stop play games with the numbers. No one wants to know how many were shipped to retail. Just release the sales #'s or don't say anything at all. They are confusing the heck out of me."

I know right. You can't sleep at night because you want to know the sold numbers and not shipped. And this is bugging you to death. And every moment of every day, you're thinking about the sold numbers and trying to figure it out. And you're getting so confused. These numbers. It's just too hectic for you.

SoapShoes2922d ago

And I'll say it again! Every sells figure you see for Black Ops is SHIPPED, every sells figure you see for Halo is SHIPPED, every sells figure you see from any popular game/publisher is SHIPPED. What makes GT so different where its sells need to be questioned?!

BrianG2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Angry people is what makes it different estranged.

I'll never understand why people are trying to hate on Sony and GT5 sooo much right now. Is it that bad that people have to put down a company for doing what everyone else is doing?

I don't think so. The same goes for those that hate on Halo and etc. when they come out. Thats what this site has come to, and the industry for that matter since we have executives bashing numbers as well. And a delusional analyst that everyone believes when the news is convenient to them.

"Micheal Patcher is dumb", "Told you, hes right about shipped, Sony stop lying".

RememberThe3572922d ago

Every body does this, not just Sony. They only have their own numbers at this point and their numbers are for sell in. They wont have a good grasp of sell through until they hear from retailers and even then it's going to be an estimate.

I hate to tell you this but your precious MS does the same thing.

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units2922d ago

sony love spinning numbers

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Vherostar2922d ago

So do MS as all there numbers are shipped too.. There no spin as its impossible to get exact numbers your a spinner not Sony.

Boody-Bandit2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Actually units I think you have that backwards.
Sony loves giving their consumers games to play and not wasting millions to billions of dollars on advertising. Whether it is 5.52 million shipped or sold to consumers, Sony has already made the money from the game since distributors have to pay Sony to get GT5. So to Sony GT5 has sold 5.52 million. But none of that even matters.

MS has turned the media into thinking sales is more important than the games themselves. Does it really matter which company sells how many units of one particular game or does the game itself matter most? Personally I think most of the people that get caught up in these sales articles are not really gamers at all because all you are talking about is money and not gaming.

Most of the articles posted on this site is nothing but one huge numbers game. Review numbers, Metacritic averages (which is a joke), sold, shipped, amount of people playing online, pixel counters, etc. It's all us vs them and number, numbers, numbers.

Some of the weakest selling games in history have been some of the best ever made. Maybe some of you need to get back to gaming, if you are gamers at all, instead of shareholder meetings. The majority of you are only looking at the end numbers anyway. There is a lot more to sales than shipped vs sold. How about invested vs actual profit?

That is one thing none of these companies talk about and I don't care if they ever do. All I care about is this industry stays strong and doesn't go any where any time soon. Been gaming for over 30 years and plan on gaming till the day I die.

ocnkng2922d ago

Ya I agree with you.
The weakest selling games this gen are actually among it's bet.
E.g. Demon's Souls, Valkyira Chronicles

EDIT: actually DS and VC both have sold almost close to 1 mln.

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