Mirror's Edge 2D: Rating & Review

With the recent unveiling of the Chrome Web Store and the direct involvement of EA, Mirrors Edge 2D showed up on the offerings and adds some interesting touches to the 2D sidescroller, albeit browser based, gameplay.

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kdogdaddy2749d ago

Was surprisingly fun and addictive.

Losi2749d ago

Wow! Yeah, for a surprisingly DISAPPOINTING title release, the 2D sidescroller is rather fun!

killyourfm2749d ago

This: "What we see are slick, fluid controls, along with a bright, cheery atmosphere. While the author doesn’t necessarily come into this with high hopes (even negating the fact that this 2D scroller was based off of a rather ailing national title release), I came away enjoying and wasting a considerable amount of time on this little EA release" the entire review. Really?

kdogdaddy2749d ago

You happened to see the review mid-edit. Several amounts of content have been added since your last perusal.

killyourfm2749d ago

Ah, my apologies I'll remove the report.

kdogdaddy2749d ago

No worries, man. Some of the reviews and articles get put up here mid-edit/writing.