Star Wars: The Old Republic; Classes Detailed Pt. 2

Delving deeper into the classes of the highly anticipated 2011 release, Star Wars: The Old Republic, we highlight the classes and specifications for the Sith Warrior & Jedi Knight.

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kdogdaddy2902d ago

While I'm a bit partial to the Bounty Hunter currently, the Sith Warrior is my next pick for potential classes to play. ;)

RedDead2902d ago

Sith warrior for me, and hopefully a bounty hunter as support

Losi2902d ago

Agreed. The Old Republic is shaping up to be a serious contender for the 2011 releases.

NYC_Gamer2902d ago

i'll prob be what ever is the least played with

kdogdaddy2902d ago

An interesting plan. But gotta agree with you, many times mastering the LEAST played class can better propel a player to defeating/counter attacking other highly played classes.