OnLive Micro Console Bandwidth Test

There has been a lot of talk recently about OnLive. Especially after the announcement about their $9.99 a month Unlimited Game service. Now OnLive has more the one flavor. I’ve already had a chance to do a Video Bandwidth test on PC / Mac. Though I was really itching to try out the console version. Actually it’s not called a Console, it’s a Micro Console

I’ve had the opportunity to have some hands on time with the device. Decided it was time for another Video Bandwidth Test, this time all console. So how does the device compare? Is the OnLive service really ready for primetime? Check out my Video Bandwidth test and write up after the break.

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joshjvelez2843d ago

I would get really annoyed if it took me three or four attempts to actually login. Might be better to wait for the next gen Onlive.

poopface12843d ago

LOL, who wants to play laggy streaming games, that look worse than a ps3/360 anyways??

iseven2843d ago

did you actually WATCH the video review? it's not laggy.

Xfanboy2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

Actually the games look the same!!

another company will be starting up!!

PS3ROCKS2843d ago

I got the micro console it's pretty sweet.

Xfanboy2843d ago

It works on my laptop!!

jha12232843d ago

It hasn't been too bad. I could really see taking a controller with me on business trips and getting a little gaming in at the hotel. Ability to utilize bandwidth will determine their success.