Tony Hawk Shred Review (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii)- Gameplaybook

Good news- Tony Hawk: Shred doesn't suck completely like Tony Hawk: Ride did. Bad news- it still doesn't make for an impressive skateboarding experience.

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Cevapi882929d ago

is there a reason all of these games are incorporating the Avatars and Miis into their games....i can understand the Miis since games have been built around them...personally when it comes to the 360, i feel like its a cop out to use similar characters in their games e.g. Kinect games

Parapraxis2930d ago

Isn't that score a little high?

RoboRyan2929d ago

If you think that's high, Planet XBox gave it a 8/10.

PS3Freak2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )


TheDCD2929d ago

It's more tolerable than the crap that was Ride. But it still sucked.

RoboRyan2929d ago

Activision is making the right decision in marketing these games to kids, because with the direction the series has moved in, there's nothing to appeal to anyone who's been playing for a while or has hit their teens. Even then, I'd be annoyed at having to spend so much money for a peripheral the kid can use with only TH games. I'll stick with Skate.

NecrumSlavery2929d ago

What is the difference betweed RIDE and SHRED?

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