Motorstorm Apocalypse: New Track Revealed

PS Blog: It’s been a while since we’ve shown anything new from MotorStorm Apocalypse, we were planning on keeping pretty quiet while we work like maniacs to get the game finished. But when I was asked to skip over to New York for one last reveal of 2010, I couldn’t resist showing just one more track, and of course sharing a glimpse on the Playstation.Blog.

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UNCyrus2924d ago

This is the first killer-app for 3D TVs in my opinion

Red_Orange_Juice2924d ago

all I want is the game to NOT cheat, like in previous games

arjman2924d ago

I remember playing the PSP version, whenever I got to first place a massive truck would miraculously overtake me, even at full speed :/

NoBias2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

This game is simply a must buy.

I thought 2010 was going to be hard on my wallet but 2011??... Man... wtf

bruddahmanmatt2924d ago

Absolutely brutal learning curve when it comes to the Motorstorm series but anyone who's looking for a challenge, ridiculous visuals and a flat-out rush should definitely give the franchise a try. I never played the first game that came with my PS3 and only tried Pacific Rift when I found it on sale for $10 new but after that I was hooked and went back to try the original. This series is vastly underrated.

jack_burt0n2924d ago

As long as they have fixed the learning curve and reward structure as they say they have its another exclusive purchase.

blusoops2924d ago

But i LOVED the second one, and this one looks to top that one! Another day one exclusive for me.

ForzaGT2924d ago

the first track they showed looks insane in 3D

fight4love2924d ago

wow. it looks like there racing on the rooftops.

Ninver2924d ago

Awesome stuff sony keep given us these wonderful AAA exclusives and you'll be rewarded accordingly. Why is it that i can't seem to find anything game related for my 360? it's really sad.

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The story is too old to be commented.