Xbox 360 Kinect Bundles Outselling Move PS3 Bundles By More Than 5-to-1

While Sony says it's seen "blockbuster success" with its PlayStation Move controller, it's not clear how many have actually been sold through to consumers. The company has shipped 4.1 million units since launch. Kinect, meanwhile, has sold 2.5 million in 25 days, and according to Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter, when looking at console bundles for Kinect and Move, Kinect is winning by far.

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donniebaseball2923d ago

I'm not too surprised by this.

Thatguy-3102923d ago

its pretty obvious that the kinect bundle is outselling the move one but i doubt is by that much plus isnt the kinect bundle 300$ while moves is 400$?

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2923d ago

Most likely only in the U.S. And because lots of ps3 owners already own the camera there is no need for the bundle. I didn't get the bundle I just bought two controllers.

dragon822923d ago

Same here. I already had the PS Eye so all I had to buy was the controller and games. I ended up getting two MOVE controllers and 1 NAVIGATION controller. I also picked up a few games for it.

Bigpappy2923d ago

When they say bundle's, they are referring to the console bundles. These will be the ones selling to new users, not existing customer like yourself. Most people buying these console bunbles will be casual users. Kinect is more attractive to those users. This is why the 360 is selling so well right now, and will continue to do so for a while pass the holiday season.

Game-ur2923d ago

Actually higher than I expected, didn’t think this much will spend the extra 100$ for the Move instead of the cheep Kinect, smart investment.

I think this is the perfect equilibrium, Move is selling enough to be a success but not too much that it takes the focus from hardcore games.

GrandTheftZamboni2923d ago

Yeah, but my controller is harder than your controller, oh wait... you are the controller.

Lightsaber2923d ago

No real surprise there. Just look at the numbers for the xbox and ps3 for nov

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Kurisu2923d ago

Neither am I. I was in Gamestation the other day and customers and staff were praising Kinect to high heaven.

StanLee2923d ago

Praising it for what? I still don't get it! Kinect is an expensive novelty with a weak software lineup.

DixieNormS2923d ago

Let me guess StanLee, U have not played with the kinect, Just stfu.

DixieNormS2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

double post.

olLANDSHARKlo2923d ago

Every Gamestop I go to they have kinect set up and always a big crowd, you don't see move any where.

Motorola2923d ago

Oh really? Im in New york and in Manhattan and Brooklyn, there are no motion control set ups in Gamestop.....except wii.

Biggest2923d ago

Gamestop pushes all XBox related items as hard as possible. In San Diego they go so far as to offer the 360 version of every game you try to buy. They seriously told my wife that Forza 3 would be better for her to buy for me than GT5 because "it's pretty much better." When you walk up to the stores you see the piled boxes of new/used 360s at the doorway, and the PS3 section is located near the door to the staff area. They really, really push Microsoft.

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seij5552923d ago

Must be a slow morning if all you xbot troll need to cling to a casual peripherals sales. Must be jealous of all the ps3 exclusive announcements.

-Alpha2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

What trolls? You sound pretty insecure. Bet you'd be singing praises if the PS3 was the one outselling the 360, wouldn't you?

I love the irony of you walking into a sales thread and calling everyone trolls for simply discussing the sales topic.


all I see above are people discussing the results of the topic. Yet somehow people love sales and are trolls for doing so? This is a sales topic. Not a topic about software library. Love how these kind of comments don't show up on a pro-PS3 sales article.

UnwanteDreamz2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Wow you kids love your sales don't you.

I love how sales topics are discussed as if real gamers should be focused on that instead of playing games. Month after month you can count on sales to get heat more than game news. Nothin weird about that.

The Maxx2923d ago

@ UnwanteDreamz

Funny, I don't recall seeing your same comment "Wow you kids love your sales don't you." in the GT5 sales articles. Wonder why?

Bigpappy2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Pay attention guys. AlPha-Male is right as he usually is. You guys come into a sales article to complain about the others who are discussing sales. If you have nothing to contribute to the discussion, just move on to another thread. Yes the PS3 has lots of exclusives, but no one where was discussing software for either console. What exactly does exclusives have to do with MOve and Kinect bundle sales?

I think the site should make alpha a mod. I know he is a PS3 supporter foremost, but he is intelligent. I am not sure who the mods are here and what they do, but I do trust his judgments as he always make sense even when I disagree.

@Estranged: "How can they claim Sony's numbers are shipped and MS's are sold?" May be it is because Sony confirmed that theirs were "Shipped/sold to suppliers" and because M$ confirmed that there were "sold to customers". May be because Sony said the don't want to disclose Move "sold to customer" numbers at this time. Do you guys only read headlines when article are posted? Don't answer that.

poopface12923d ago

must be a busy morning for you with all the damage control and spinning you must be doing.

Seems your sooo busy that you forgot your lube and are now butthurt.

UnwanteDreamz2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

@ Alpha and Maxx

I comment in sales articles about once every two or three months and I say the same stuff everytime. Check my comment history or don't. I just think it is ridiculous on all sides of this BS. I do not understand the crazy affection so called gamers have with sales.

If you are looking for me to wag my finger directly at PS3 fanboys then here you go. GT5 sales are not proof of the games quality. PS3 worldwide sales are not an indication of the systems quality. Anyone who uses sales as proof of anything other than the number of people who purchased. Is an idiot.

Gamers would be better off worring about wether game makers are selling you a product worth 60$ and less on how many people purchased.

Now can I have an opinion or do I need to do say something else negative to PS3 fanboys first?

-Alpha2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )


But it's funny how the issue only is ever supported when it's a pro-360 article, that's all I'm saying. When it's PS3 sales nobody stops and thinks and nearly every comment is praising Sony.

And I didn't recall anybody acting as if sales were indication of quality when you and seijj commented. The remark that it's not indication of quality or that people are crazed about it is off topic when you consider that people were having a very calm and fair discussion until seijj started attacking "trolls" that didn't even exist in this thread

Again, this is a sales thread. They interest people. What's the problem? I can enjoy sales threads and be a gamer who is more concerned about games too.

bviperz2923d ago

I used to think Alpha was fair and balanced. He contributes some great food for thought. But he only defends the 360. So he isn't fair and balanced.

olLANDSHARKlo2923d ago

Sounds like seij555 can't afford both consoles, poor kid is a pathetic fanboy and not a gamer.

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SoapShoes2923d ago

How can they claim Sony's numbers are shipped and MS's are sold? This is a ridiculous way to twist the truth... Plus they are only operating their theory on the fact that we can't know how many are sold to consumers. Not very much facts to back them up.

All in all the Move is a success and it sold well so even if Kinect is selling better, who cares?

Chaos Striker2923d ago

This author can claim Sony's numbers are shipped and MS's are sold because it was explicitly stated in each company's press releases. Not to mention Major Nelson, the Xbox Community Manager(?), clarified and mentioned that Microsoft's numbers were sold to individual customers.

SoapShoes2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Well that makes sense, but in Sony's press release they clearly stated that they are in demand by retail so they are selling them and not just piling up in warehouses which, btw, they can only channel stuff if retailers buy them and retailers will not buy more than they think they can sell.

Which makes my other point valid. All this article has against the Move is doubt which really doesn't prove anything other than making a weak argument.

Vherostar2923d ago

Launch numbers comapred to non launch?? EPIC FAIL... Also those 2.5 million MS have sold? Those are to retailers not consumers they never once said they were to consumers just idiot sites and fanboys taking it that way. Twisting it a bit.. It's exactly the same as shipped. They both sold to retailers.

I am not saying Kinect won't outsell Move far from it. It will in time just like PS3 will outsell 360. Move got the advantage due to the time factor just like 360 did. I expect with the push MS are putting behind Kienct it will surpass MOVE by maybe March 2011 maybe later if Sony put more money into advertising..

shadyiswin2923d ago

if you at the game sales chart kinect adventures is at about 3 million meaning these have been sold to customers.

visualb2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

" it's not clear how many have actually been sold through to consumers. "

this article is pure speculation =| if its not clear, why the definite numbers?

i expect kinect to sell WAY more than move, but when I read an article with broken data like this i cant help but feel the author doesn't know what he's talking about

*ah its NPD number =O still, I hate the "not clear" part =| not the authors fault but, not good to base facts on unclarity

DigitalAnalog2922d ago

If the majority of Kinect sales are new-owners for the casuals, then you NEED a 360 to go along with it.

I'm guessing there's more hardcore purchases for the move as opposed to casuals. It means, Sony marketed their target well. I'm getting the MOVE as soon as Dead Space 2 releases.

-End of Line

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HelghastDrake2923d ago

"And according to Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter" stopped reading right there.

Meus Renaissance2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

He's not making a prediction as he is most known for. He is commenting on figures he has seen post NPD.

donniebaseball2923d ago

Correct, this isn't just more Pachter commentary. He's referring to the NPD data that he actually has access to.

rrw2923d ago

And that the problem with it, he dont see worldwide sales.

he is sided with american. he always bashed Japanese company like nintendo and sony for example he say that Apple will crush DS and psp on hand held market. that why he support Kinect instead move

Chaos Striker2923d ago

He doesn't need to see worldwide sales. He is an analyst in the UNITED STATES. Hence, he only needs to report on US SALES, because that is relevant to his work.

SMOK3xFFx2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

I wonder why you would have stopped reading there? Maybe because this comes next? "when looking at console bundles for Kinect and Move, Kinect is winning by far."

Prcko2923d ago

500 million marketing from microsoft for this so i am not suprised!

SMOK3xFFx2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Do you really beleive they have spent 500 million in one month? They will do the real marketing closer to christmas and even after christmas do you think the marketing is going to just stop? There no where near the 500 million mark yet.

artsaber2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Marketing dollars are spent when the ad launches? All that money spent on Oprah and Ellen, Burger King, Pepsi, Doritos, cereal boxes, and TV ads... you bet your azz that $500 million has already been allocated for. That type of advertising campaign money is "usually" spent months well in advance before you even see one pepsi soda bottle with a chance to win a free Kinect.

I won a 4GB 360 w/Kinect bundle by the way, but it was at a Christmas party. It'll be a cold day in hell before someone wins one from Burger King, etc.

@Disagree lol, you can disagree all you want, but you know its true. Kinect is on Burger King cups internationally, and you think it is free? lol

@deadreckoning666 - The same can be said about "sales" and why N4G'ers are so worried about those.

deadreckoning6662923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

LOL, why are N4G members worried about how much money Microsoft spends on marketing? If your dissatisfied with the games M$ provides, then why not just buy another console that fits your needs?

likedamaster2923d ago

$500 million in marketing doesn't necessarily guarantee a product success. Just look at the kin from Microsoft, same budget different outcome.

DiRtY2923d ago


The 500 million USD budget is for one year or even more. There is simply not enough advertising space for 500 million in one or two months. This has been clarified weeks ago. Do you guys think this is unfair or something?

Sony advertising budget: About 5 billion USD

Microsoft advertising budget: about 0.518 billion USD

Do you think the 2 of the 5 main sponsorships in the UEFA Champions League are cheap? (Bravia and Playstation)

The main sponsorship for the Fifa World Cup 2010 in South Africa was expensive as well (3D Make Believe)

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Meus Renaissance2923d ago

Maybe the staunch Sony supporters here should be buying cartloads of games and hardware to show their support rather than phantom disagrees on an Internet website

ubiquitious2923d ago

You're amazing Meus. Haven't seen you in years.

pedrami912923d ago

When you put 500 million into marketing.......

Hell, i thought it would be alot more sold in 25 days.

sackgirl2923d ago

Yeah just imagine, it's 200$ / units sold.