‘We faced the same problems as the God of War devs,’ says Bulletstorm developer

The developers of the upcoming, totally awesome game, Bulletstorm, Creative Director Adrian Chmielarz said that while creating Bulletstorm, the developer team faced a lot of problems the God of War development team would have faced. Why? Because both their protagonists are so bad-ass from the very beginning of the game.

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theonlylolking2928d ago

Ha, I guess they are also jealous of kratos in MK.

PR_FROM_OHIO2928d ago

Thats all microsoft people do is talk shit!!!

darthv722928d ago

he isnt a MS person though.

RockmanII72928d ago

PR this games on PS3 too so you don't need to bash it.


think ill stick with gears 3

furthermore bulletstorm and god of war should never be used in the same sentence im sorry but kratos and the god of war series are highly respected

Half_Life_32927d ago

Gears is just unreal 3 in 3rd person even the characters look the same.

WildArmed2927d ago

They hardly talk alot.
They do one interview and we get 20 quote articles out of it on N4G.

Same thing happens w/ Lionstudio head..
same thing was going on w/ David Cage w/ Heavy Rain.

No need to associate the abundant about of articles based on something they said w/ they 'talk alot'.
If some1 asks them something, either they can say 'I cannot answer it' or they answer it.
They will get quoted either way.

Plus, it's PR.....
speaking of PR..
i hope KB appears in VGAs >.>
(Bcoz there is no realy party w/o KB!)

jony_dols2927d ago

Last time I checked Epic are quite supportive of their PS3 games, didn't the PS3 version of UT3 run at the same speed and look the same as the 360 version and it supported user made mods (in which the 360 version didn't)???

Less hate on Epic please, they are one of the top devs this gen.

multipayer2927d ago

Epic is a epic developer, but all their characters in unreal are generic as hell. Gears of War is closest they've come to good characters, and they just fit the part. Their idea of badass is acting like a highschool football player when killing things... I call shinanigans on them putting deep thought into bulletstorm characters, but I bet the gameplay is great.

dragonelite2927d ago


EA is the publisher typical pr person not knowing what he is talking about

catguykyou2927d ago

Bullet Storm has a very B-movie styled movie feel to it in terms of lines and story. It's intentional and when you play it, works really well with the over the top game play they have. It's a fun game.

catguykyou2927d ago

When you play it, disagree with me. At this point, I would assume, I'm the only one here who has.

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Elven62927d ago

Why would Epic Games be jealous of Kratos in Mortal Kombat?

King-Leonidas2927d ago

Cos Kratos doesnt use steroids mhauhauahua

gameraxis2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

well, seems kratos started off destroyer of gods to destroyer of worlds if u played the last installment... i always feel powerful in the beginning of GOW games, and not all of it is weapons... they have to get the Character PERFECT, and i don't believe santamonica had a problem with that... unless they mean the first GOW because they've done it 3 times near perfect! Some of u may say "yea every game has a bad a$s and this and that, to which i will reply, yes, almost every game themed like that TRYS to have a bad ass, but look at quantum theory... Kratos had a purpose, EXCELLENT facial/Body animation and posture,unbelievealble VOICE ACTING... and not to mention the setting and story line of what happened to him to make him this way was simply incredibly fleshed out and was the foundation to the whole franchise! i never asked myself... ok here's a bad guy, why am i fighting him? u KNEW u were on a bloody as$ quest to the top... and giving the trickery which ended in the death of his family, and then the paranoia of Zues which set the rest of the story in motion... i honestly don't think there's a better epic story out there.. that's what worries me, how can they top "killing off the gods" in an awesome Greek mythology world, unless they make huge enough strides to already do a reboot with the same essence just different story lol... i don't care what it is, i just want another 3 or 4 hours of DLC and a next gen GOW game every year,(realistically 2)AND GIVE ME A FEW EPIC NEW AVATARS DAMMIT!!! ok I'm done looking beyond the "simple hack and slash" some people may call it, and spooging all over kratos... but i just wish more people appreciated what santa monica has done with this series... instead of looking at it with a sinist's eyes


Just deliver the expectations for all consoles, that's all.

Coffin872928d ago

Thx a lot man. I was beginning to think I'm the only one who thinks this way.
This business is SO much about chatter, rumors and bullshit.. it's unbelievable.
Luckily, quality will always be able to set itself apart from the crap. This is one thing you can always rely on.

Elven62927d ago

Epic has a good track record,

RE: Unreal Tournament 3, Gears of War (PC/360).

thedisagreefairy2927d ago

ut3 was great on ps3. mouse and keyboard support ftw!

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user83971442928d ago

There aint no other character more badass than kratos. Telling girls to leave before he comes back after the threesome is badass.

unrealgamer582928d ago

borderlands sans the fun story

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