PSU's Top 10 Games You Must Have Before 2008

This year's Fall is very, very crowded. Even with titles such as GTA4 and Metal Gear Solid 4 slipping into 2008, the remaining months of 2007 will burn a hole into gamers' pockets. With that in mind, PSU's compiled a Top 10 list of titles that you absolutely must get before the year is out. Do some more chores, work overtime, demand them for Christmas or simply stop buying your girlfriend gifts (a last resort, of course).

Whichever platform or platforms you own, these titles should be on your wishlist. And yes, they are PlayStation Universe, but they're not oblivious to the number of fantastic titles coming to Xbox 360 and Wii. That's why they've included a number of non-PS3 titles on the list too. This is the ultimate Top 10 list of games that you must have before 2008...

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Jack Bauer4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

for a playstation site, seems like that list is unbiased...but Rayman Raving Rabbids 2?????????

but i gotta say, after playing in the CoD4 beta, im looking more forward to that then halo 3, i agree with the CoD4 at number 1

MK_Red4091d ago

Well, I agree with PSU on Rayman. Aside from Metroid Prime 3, Rayman Raving Rabbids was the Wii game that I had most fun with. Funny, awesome and hilarious.

nasim4091d ago

i am surprised that CARTOON HALO 3 is no 2 on that list.

not even all x360 oweners would purchase halo3 considering it has 0 preorders in japan and eu (x360's dead territories)

FreeMonk4091d ago

it's a pretty good list for a Playstation site.

But Guitar Hero 3 instead of Rock Band?? I'll be buying GH3, but I'm looking forware to RB more just for the drums along, plus the downloadable albums and promise of 100 DL tracks within the first year.

Plus no Assassin's Creed??

Switch GH3 with RB and Raving Rabbits 2 with Assassin's and you'll have a pretty spot on list!

MK_Red4091d ago

OMG, I could I forget. Awesome points FreeMonk.

No Rock Band!? And no Assassin's Creed!?
My most anticipated 2007 title was Burnout Paradise and with that slipped to 08, Assassins is my number one and I forgot about it! And Rock Band, The Game Of The Show winner of E3...

FreeMonk4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

my pleasure!!

Although, the reason why Rock Band could of been missed off the list is although the states get it in '07, the rest of the world won't get it until '08.

But Assassin's Creed?? Come on, if anything that game is going to be bigger than Mass Effect, GH3, RR2, Drake and Ratchet due to the fact that it's a multi-platform title plus is look totally awesome!

The only other one I can think off that they missed, but would find difficult to fit in due to the awesome list they created would be the Half-Life 2 Orange Box. 5 titles for the price of 1. Bargain!

It's going to be a great year...starting with Halo 3 in 3 weeks!

joydestroy4090d ago

yup, COD4 is going to be amazing.
can't wait for the full game.

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MK_Red4091d ago

Halo 3 at number 2, not bad for a list from PSU. The 2 games I'd like to add to the list are Jericho & Manhunt 2.

Daishi4090d ago

Wow, you just hit the jackpot MK. Still, there are so many games coming out there is absolutely no way to have a proper top ten. Personaly I would switch Raving Rabids with Jericho and Uncharted with Haze. Raving Rabids because it is a sequal and Jericho is brand new, and Uncharted because it reminds me too much of Just Cause everytime I see a new video for it (I know I'll get hate mail for that one but I'll stand behind it until I play Uncharted).

CRIMS0N_W0LF4091d ago

I don't agree with some titles in that list.

monkey6024091d ago

A lot of people aren't going to agree with Halo3 not being no.1

Greysturm4091d ago

The reason why i think COD4 is over halo is mainly the possible user base which is limited to only 360 while COD4 is pc ps3 and xbox making it a worthwile wait for all of those users.

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